The Jules Wright Prize 2015

Latest 10 Jun 2015

News Story

The inaugural Jules Wright Prize focused on editors. The four female Creative Technicians selected for the shortlist were:

  • Noski Deville
  • Taina Galis
  • Suzie Lavelle
  • Margaret Salmon

The Jury in 2015

  • Iwona Blazwick OBE, Director, Whitechapel Gallery
  • Andrea Lissoni, Film and International Art Curator, Tate Modern and Film London Board Member
  • Pegah Farahmand, Editor, Random Acts, Channel 4
  • Stephen Sutcliffe, Artist
  • Maria Palacios Cruz, Deputy Director, LUX
  • Sol Papadopoulos, Producer, Hurricane Films

The 2015 Jules Wright Prize was awarded to Noski Deville in recognition of the tremendous impact she has made on the field of cinematography, the breadth of her work and the range of artist filmmakers she has worked alongside.

Noski Deville on her career

“I worked as Workshop Co-ordinator at the London Filmmakers Co-op from 1986-89 where I had the unique opportunity to see many seminal artists films. It was here that my love and understanding of experimental cinema and the creative possibilities it offered, was fostered and enhanced. My passion for the ‘magic’ of film, my understanding of the technical aspects of filmmaking plus the teaching and sharing of that knowledge were all further developed during this time.

Since then I have had the privilege of working as a cinematographer/DOP with many emerging and high profile artists and now have over 20 years experience in this field. These varied projects offer insight and understanding of a diverse range of creative processes, often with complex technical and creative challenges that require ingenious solutions and thinking ‘outside the box’ to achieve the desired outcomes. I enjoy helping to find and understand the essence of the artwork through the artist’s vision (getting inside their head, so to speak) and to help translate their thoughts and ideas into moving imagery. It is the fusion of the creative, the intellectual and the technological that I find exciting and constantly engaging.

I am also committed to education and technical tutoring in a variety of ways, including mentoring trainees on set, as a technical advisor on artists’ projects, delivering ACCESS workshops, and in my current role as Senior Lecturer in Film Production, specialising in Cinematography at the UCA Farnham Film School. I aim to foster an environment of mutual respect, open to discussion and questioning, where talent and creativity can flourish. I enjoy the sharing of knowledge and watching current and previous students forge their own successful careers. The expansion of digital technology has kept me ‘on my toes’, understanding the technical possibilities, while retaining the essential creativity inherent in any form of filmmaking. I am proud to say that in 2014 we won the prestigious award of Best University for Teaching in Cinematography from the Guild of British Camera Technicians.

Throughout my career as a cinematographer shooting promos, dramas and documentaries, I have also worked and contributed to many organisations including:, The London Filmmakers Co-Op, Sankofa Black Film & Video Workshop, Goldsmiths College of Art, Portsmouth University, The Slade School of Art, University of London The University of Hertfordshire and The University for the Creative Arts at Farnham Film School. I have also been on the Board of Directors of Four Corners Film & Video Workshop, London Filmmakers Co-op and Greater London Arts. I am a member of the Guild of British Camera Technicians and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.”

The Jules Wright Prize was funded by the Women's Playhouse Trust