Return to Work in Production, supported by ScreenSkills

Latest 20 Jul 2022

News Story

Last Wednesday 13th July saw the re-launch of the returners from the Return to Work in Production scheme supported by ScreenSkills.

We've spent the past 3 weeks training 20 returners who are experienced Line Producers, Production Managers, Production Coordinators, Assistant Production Office Coordinators & Production Secretaries who have recently returned from career breaks (long & short) due to childcare, caring for relatives or returning after illness, injury or disability.

The aim was to boost the cohorts confidence, update their skills and increase their network of industry colleagues and advisers.

During the three week programme, the cohort has heard from leading industry speakers, taken training in covid mitigation, working sustainability, completed Albert training, advanced Excel and Movie Magic. They’ve received confidence and career coaching as well as mental health sessions.

Following a well attended, exciting and buzzing industry reception on 13th July, the majority of the cohort have been offered job opportunities, numbers members have already received contracts to start new roles next week, with others taking meetings about future roles over the coming weeks.

“As a first time mum I was really unsure how I could renter the film industry, the RtW scheme gave me specific tools of the trade and the confidence to jump back in. I am now considering multiple job offers from different production companies and couldn’t have done it without this brilliant scheme. Thank you to Rebecca and Anna for facilitating so well and to Film London for this amazing opportunity.”
Sarah Kelly

"The EAN Return to Work Programme offered me a unique opportunity to build confidence, upskill and connect with industry experts before stepping back into production. I also really valued the connection with my cohort and the support and positivity from Film London’s Rebecca Baker and Anna Skrein."
Hana Mallet

"The RTW4 has been an amazing reintroduction to the industry. The EAN team created a fantastic programme with engaging speakers who brought topics that felt relevant and engaging.

I appreciate their openness and will to take all kinds of questions.

Gravitas speaker Sarah Gaynes gave some valuable tips about speaking with confidence which I am definitely implementing going forward. Hussain Casey-Ahmed’s chat about his career and view’s on the industry were relatable and brought a lot of optimism, and Adrian Wootton’s presentation of Film London and the future of our industry made me hope for a better (and busy!) conditions and time ahead.

I am truly impressed with the skills, talent and general good vibe of my cohort. The stories lived and shared, the amount of incredible experiences lived by these people make me think of how lucky will the employers that get their services be for adding them to their teams.

Finally, shoutout to Rebecca Baker and Anna Skrein for all the work done to make this programme possible, facilitate connections and for so much care and respect. Thank you both for this opportunity and everyone and the EAN who made it happen."
Aline Rajan-Harjani

"The course offered an amazing opportunity to reflect and learn in a ’safe space’. Women particularly, though not solely, often suffer from a lack of confidence about their ability, and if you have been out of the industry for a period of time, self doubt can set in.

Rebecca and Anna, ran the course practically (introducing the opportunity to update ones skills or learn new ones), they were also engaging and reflective. Everyone was given the opportunity to speak, to unpick their hesitations and questions. It was good to talk but it was also good to listen as you heard ‘your' queries solved by others.

Rebecca and Anna were able to guide you through work situations and offer you solutions to potential problems. The one positive from Covid is that it has been proven that we can all work from home and still do an excellent job. That part time and full time work can support productions from remote corners of the world. As long as we are efficient and good communicators, with excellent hand over notes and google spread sheets, we can manage our work/world to fit the ever changing demands of production.

Experience isn’t forgotten, it is just hidden; once back at work, one quickly adapts.

This course was positively reaffirming about the opportunities out there, we just need the introductions."
Sally Llewellyn

"This course has changed my entire direction. It has given me so much insight and confidence to get back into HETV and Film. I felt supported along the way and given the tools to re-launch my career. It is a gift I landed and will not look back. Rebecca and Anna held the space so well, professional, intelligent, yet relaxed. I am so grateful to have been accepted on this course. Meeting like-minded people in the same situation has made me feel less isolated and I now have a strong network around me. We are all pinching ourselves."
Emma Cordeaux

'It's been a privilege to be part of the RTW programme, it surpassed my expectations! The focus on wellbeing by Solas Mind, sustainability (Film London) and the professional coaching by Jill Tandy were informative and practical. Advice from Bianca Gavin (Pulse Films), Pat Lee's (Sid Gentle) and Hussain Casey- Ahmed (Disney +) and all the other speakers was invaluable but most of all the support and encouragement from Rebecca and Anna has given me the confidence I needed to recognise my skills and experience and re-enter the industry."
Gabrielle Oliver

"The return to work scheme was so much more than I anticipated. As well as solid and bespoke career advice, the EAN team clearly really understand the pressures of the film industry and have curated a really considered holistic course to address these issues, and I know I was not alone in feeling confident, optimistic, supported and mentally prepared to return to work by the end of it. Thoroughly recommend it."
Colette McWilliams

"I have just completed the Film London RTW programme 4 and hugely enjoyed it. It was a short and precise course that covered a range of helpful topics including mental health and upskilling. Additionally the networking opportunities are hugely beneficial. Not only were we supported throughout by Anna and Rebecca, each of the course speakers offered to stay in touch and link up with us afterwards. There can be some nerves on challenging ourselves to join a new programme but it has been brilliant. I especially enjoyed the sustainability topic and have since achieved certification with Albert which will add to my employability. We are now formalising placements and further opportunities which is very exciting. Couldn’t recommend the RTW programme enough!"
Cathy Britton