Film London supports Accumulate filmmaking workshop with projects now complete

Latest 15 Jun 2022

News Story

"I just want to thank you for creating this project, and giving the opportunity to shine and be proud again in a safe and equal environment"

Film London's Artist Moving image Network (FLAMIN) recently joined youth charity Accumulate - The Art School for the Homeless - to help support their Spring Filmmaking workshop, creating short films around the theme of activism.

Accumulate is a youth charity working to provide creative workshops and activities for people who are homeless in London hostels. These workshops bring together the talents of local artists and craftspeople with the creative potential of those at hostels, encouraging creative expression and providing them with skills that can be used for both personal and professional development and enjoyment.

Covering filmmaking, photography, creative writing, illustration, textile printing and jewellery, the workshops are taught by Ravensbourne University tutors and students as well as external creative organisations and individuals. The workshops encourage a safe and collaborative learning environment to discuss lived experience and creative practice, with the work created going on to be exhibited, broadcast and sold to the public.

Accumulate filmmaking workshop participant brainstorming for their short films

Accumulate filmmaking workshop participant brainstorming for their short films

For the three-day Spring Filmmaking workshop, participants were divided up into small production teams and with access to Ravensbourne's filmmaking equipment and facilities, learnt how to research and storyboard, write, shoot and edit a short film - all guided by Ravensbourne students.

FLAMIN also delivered a general overview of what Film London is and does and how the skills and experiences of those working at the screen industries agency might be of help to the participants. FLAMIN then took a more focused look at how best to approach making a short film, how to get it seen, and the various opportunities available for artist and mainstream filmmakers.

This course was like oxygen, I now feel like I can breathe again.

Ken, a participant from the Accumulate workshop

Accumulate participants editing alongside Ravensbourne University students and tutors

Three short films were made; Where To..., Signs and Transparency. Using a mixture of black and white and colour footage, transitions and spoken word performance, the short films explore aspects of life and public perceptions that the participants would like to see a change in, and how activism can play a part in this change.

Where To..., Signs and Transparency will be showcased in London as part of the Waterloo Festival in July, and are available to watch on Accumulate's YouTube channel now.

Find out more about Accumulate over on the charity's website page.