EAN Virtual Masterclass - Finding Your Mentor

Latest 13 Feb 2024

News Story

In recognition of National Mentoring Month, Film London’s Equal Access Network (EAN) organised a virtual masterclass focusing on the significance of mentoring. With over 50 EAN members in attendance, the session explored the process of identifying and approaching mentors, particularly outside of structured mentoring programmes. The masterclass provided a free, safe space for members to gain insight from our incredible guest contributors, each with experience either as mentors or mentees in informal capacities.

The session kicked off with an insightful presentation led by our very own Mentoring Manager, Moira McVean. Reflecting on the success of the masterclass, Moira remarked: - “We set up our own programme (Film London Connect), as we understand how daunting the industry can be and how often it’s about who you know more than what you know. But not everyone is able to access a structured mentoring programme, so it was really fantastic to have speakers sharing their top tips for finding a mentoring relationship independently.”

Following a peer-to-peer mentoring exercise among members, our Industry Skills & Partnership Manager, Azariah Jade, facilitated a vibrant Q&A session with five guest speakers, offering a range of perspectives on approaching mentors, fostering mentor-mentee relationships and maximising their potential.

Panellists: Top L-R: Arit Eminue (Image credit: Andy Commons), Rowan Allen. Bottom L-R: Marc Jenner, Fozia O'Dowd

Panellists: Top L-R: Arit Eminue, Rowan Allen. Bottom L-R: Marc Jenner, Fozia O'Dowd

We extend our sincere gratitude to Arit Eminue MBE (Chief People, Inclusion and Culture Specialist | Career Coach | Media Contributor) and Fozia O’Dowd (Producer) for sharing their insights from a Mentor’s perspective: - “If I'm going to mentor someone, I feel the relationship is more valuable if we are able to build a connection that goes beyond the work itself.” – Fozia O’Dowd.

Another huge thank you to Rowan Allen (Screenwriter & Script Editor), Shagor Chowdhury (Concept Artist) and, Marc Jenner (Script Reader) for providing the attendees with a greater understanding of how to be the best mentee: - I’ve found mentors are keen to keep in touch and interested in you, what you're doing and how you're going to progress. It’s largely a two-way street, so I think maintaining mutual interest is essential, keep them updated with what you're doing and keep interested in what they're doing.” – Marc Jenner

Are you an individual or organisation who is keen to find out how you can collaborate with or support Film London’s Equal Access Network to continue to run more networking, training opportunities, and masterclasses like this one? If so, get in touch with us at equalaccess@filmlondon.org.uk!