BFI London Film Festival review: Zanka Contact

Latest 20 Oct 2020

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Headshot of Munaiba Mahmood, member of Film London's Equal Access Network

Munaiba, member of Film London's Equal Access Network

Munaiba, a member of Film London's Equal Access Network, viewed Zanka Contact as part of the BFI London Film Festival. Here she shares her reflections on the film as well as her aspirations within the industry.

My name is Munaiba and I joined Film London's Equal Access Network (EAN) back in 2019. I joined because I wanted to find a way to get into the film industry in any way possible - I found the Equal Access Network and decided to apply. EAN helps by sending around numerous different jobs and any that I think appeal to me I can apply for. If I need help tailoring my CV, EAN are also ready to offer the help, so I appreciate what they do for me.

The reason why I want to work in the film and TV industry is because I’ve always loved film and was always so curious about how it was done behind the scenes. I guess you could say it's a whole separate world that we can access simply by the touch of a button but also takes us away from reality. I love the feeling of being away from reality and being transported with the film I'm watching. That's what I hope to do and make people feel in the future by working in the industry.

Still of Zanka Contact

Zanka Contact, dir. Ismaël El Iraki

I recently watched Zanka Contact as part of the the BFI London Film Festival.

It was quite an interesting film that I watched. I would say it was a pretty dark and twisted storyline which I really liked. The film is quite different to many films I've seen and come across. The characters really played the film well. I do also feel that the storyline could have been better instead of too much violence. I really do like how it wasn't a full on English film. Films that are not in the English language are very much under-appreciated and underrated and so I do appreciate this film very much.

Zanka Contact is part of The Create Strand of BFI London Film Festival, supported by the Mayor of London and Film London.