FLAMIN Productions Round 5

The three London-based artists selected for FLAMIN Productions Round 5 were: Beatrice Gibson, Larissa Sansour and Sarah Turner.

About the Projects

Crippled Symmetries

Beatrice Gibson

Credit: Beatrice Gibson, Crippled Symmetries (2016)

Taking as its starting point American modernist William Gaddis' epic experimental novel, JR, Crippled Symmetries meditates on questions of indeterminate value and what it means to grow up in a society beset by abstraction.

An eerily prescient, biting social satire that turns the American dream on its head, JR tells the story of a precocious 11 year-old capitalist who inadvertently creates the single greatest financial empire the decade has seen, spun largely from the invisible confines of the school pay phone.

Gibson has had been the subject of solo exhibitions across the world. Recent shows include: Centre d'art contemporain Brétigny, France (2013); Index, Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm (2013); The Showroom, London (2012); Kunstverein Amsterdam (2011); Kunstlerhaus Stuttgart (2010); The Serpentine Sackler Center (2010); and Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (2008).She has twice won the Rotterdam film festival Tiger Award for short film. She was shortlisted for the 2019 Jarman Award.


In the Future, They Ate From the Finest Porcelain

Larissa Sansour

Credit: Larissa Sansour, In the Future, They Ate From the Finest Porcelain (2017)

Sansour's project is a Sci-fi video essay inspired by the politicised archaeology carried out in present day Israel/Palestine. Filmed entirely in gritty black and white and combining live action, CGI and archival photographs, the film explores the role of myth and fiction for fact, history and national identity.

Born in Jerusalem, Sansour studied Fine Art in Copenhagen, London, New York. Her work is interdisciplinary, immersed in the current political dialogue and utilises video, photography, installation, the book form and the internet. Sansour's work has featured in the biennials of Istanbul, Busan and Liverpool. Recent solo shows include Anne de Villepoix in Paris, Photographic Center in Copenhagen, Sabrina Amrani in Madrid, Kulturhuset in Stockholm and DEPO in Istanbul. Larissa is represented by Anne de Villepoix in Paris, Lawrie Shabibi in Dubai and Sabrina Amrani in Madrid.


Public House

Sarah Turner

Credit: Sarah Turner, Public House (2016)

Public House fuses fact and fiction in a multi layered exploration of memory, community and social reinvention. Activated in response to the community takeover of the Ivy House pub, London, SE15, this feature length work for cinemas is a shape shifting genre hybrid that moves from observational document to minimalist opera.

Interweaving testament, performance poetry and an innovative soundscape that fuses acousmatic composition and verbatim librettos, the film explores individual and cultural memory and its resonance in shaping social spaces.

Sarah Turner is an artist film-maker. She is a Reader in Fine Art and Director of Research in the School of Music and Fine Art, University of Kent. Sarah is a founder member of Hysteriography, a group of British female film-makers, writers and curators. Her feature film Ecology (2007) and FLAMIN supported Perestroika (2009) are characterised by explorations of technologies, experimental approaches to writing and an engagement with experiences of narrative, immersion and embodiment within the long form film.