Wedding Journey

Talent Showcase 2018
  • Scheme: FLAMIN Fellowship
  • tags: Animation, Dance
  • People: Kristina Pulejkova

Wedding Journey Video

Film Information

  • Year of commission: 2017
  • Year of release: 2018


  • Artist: Kristina Pulejkova

Wedding Journey is conceived as a two-part installation work consisting of water screen projections and 360 video piece.

The work is based on the unique migration of the critically endangered European eel. Following the life of two eels from different backgrounds (one is lives in the Ohrid lake in Macedonia and the other in the Thames river in London) the work aims to draw parallels between eel and human experiences of migration and self-fulfilment.

It is thought that all European eels spawn in the Sargasso Sea, in the western Atlantic. No matter where they live, once sexually mature, they turn a silvery colour and make their final arduous journey to this one location, driven there by instinct. Yet, there is no scientific evidence of where exactly the eels are spawning nor what the act looks like. Scientists have so far only speculated on the occurrence of this mysterious event.

In the work, Pulejkova uses this migration to the Sargasso Sea as an analogy for the human strive towards self-fulfilment, the seek for that utopian place and state.

The 360 video shows the scene of all the eels meeting in the Sargasso Sea for the spawning season which is also the final point in their lives. Seen through a VR headset with interactive sound, the immersive experience shows a contemporary dance piece where dancers play out the scene of the eels’ first and final meeting which essentially is the act of their self-fulfilment and the first and final act of love. Using post­production compositing techniques, the dancers appear as if underwater and surrounded by floating yellow Sargasso seaweeds.

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