West Hinder

Talent Showcase 2012
  • Scheme: FLAMIN Productions
  • tags: Animation
  • People: Elizabeth Price
  • Duration: 22'

West Hinder Video

Film Information

  • Year of commission: 2012
  • Year of release: 2012
  • Shooting format: HD video
  • Artist Schemes: Film London Jarman Award


  • Artist: Elizabeth Price

In December 2002 a ship called the Tricolor sank in dense fog along with a cargo of 2897 luxury cars.

It went down in an area of the Channel between the British Isles and mainland Europe, called West Hinder. The video takes us to this location, to the dark hold of the wrecked vessel, to witness the spectral image of its luxury cargo drifting in the murk.

West Hinder is a small area of the sea unclaimed and unlegislated by any state, and within the video it operates as an 'other' place, with different laws much like Space is used in Science Fiction. This provides the premise for a fantasy narrative in which the luxury cars exert a kind of consciousness. The morphology of their intelligent vehicle control systems (that digitally deliver navigation, entertainment, climate and safety functions) is corrupted by their immersion in the environment of West Hinder. They develop memory, desire and the language to express these things. Most particularly they acquire a powerful collective will, and the ability to exert their force in concert.

The combined force of these 'intelligent control systems' constitutes the video's sole protagonist. It narrates, addressing the viewer via on screen motion graphics and synthetic voice; it provides mapping graphics to narrate the events of the wreck, and it selects the musical soundtrack for the action. In the latter stages of the video, the narration shifts into a more lyric form. The cars 'play' a song from their hard-drives, and their drifting inertia evolves into a lovely, synchronized underwater dance.

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