Talent Showcase 2016

    Film Information

    • Year of commission: 2015
    • Year of release: 2016


      One woman's secret reverberates long after her death.

      BFI London Film Festival 2016
      Seoul Independent Film Festival 2017
      London Short Film Festival 2017
      Cleveland International Film Festival 2017
      Milan International Film Festival 2017
      MTV FunCinema Fest 2017
      San Diego Asian Film Festival 2017
      Berlin British Film Festival 2017

      BIFA Best Britsh Short Film Longlist

      "For even during its most ironic and surreal moments, Vibration remains a profoundly sad tale. Bareun does not all too simply tell the story of a man fighting against a dildo, but a widower struggling to square the idyllic image of his late wife with a life she never shared with him."

      "That irony and pain coexist so graciously is a testament to Bareun’s directing skills and his ability to convey so much through a minimalist style that seems to document the widower’s grief as opposed to dramatising it." - Leonardo Goi, UK Film Review

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