The Toxic Camera

Talent Showcase 2012
  • Scheme: FLAMIN Productions
  • People: Jane & Louise Wilson
  • Duration: 21'

Film Information

  • Year of commission: 2012
  • Year of release: 2012
  • Shooting format: HD video


  • Artist: Jane & Louise Wilson

The Wilsonsʼ film explores interconnecting stories from interviews conducted with Chernobyl ʻveteransʼ and with Shevchenkoʼs film crew, 25 years after the Chernobyl incident. The narrative includes the story of the camera that Shevchenko used which became so highly radioactive that it was subsequently buried on the outskirts of Kiev. Shevchenkoʼs surviving camera crew go on a quest to find the buried camera. The film is a reflection on the material nature of film and considers the human impact of disasters such as Chernobyl.

Producer - Ohna Falby
Camera - Martin Testar
Editor - Daniel Goddard
Sound Design - Philippe Ciompi
Writer - Tony White & Susan Schuppli

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