BFI NETWORK Virtual Talent Mixer

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If you’re a London-based writer, director or a producer and you’re looking for team mates or collaborators so you can apply to the BFI NETWORK Short Film Fund, we are running a virtual event on the 18th March 2021 to allow you to get your applications together for the opening of the fund from April-June 2021.

Please fill out the information below so we can learn more about you and who you need to meet. If demand exceeds capacity and we can’t get you in this time, don't worry - this won’t be the last of these events!

We will use the info you send us to make a selection and to make sure we get the numbers right in the room so everyone can meet people they need to meet.

The deadline to submit your info to be considered is Monday 1st March. You will then be contacted shortly after as to whether you have been selected to attend.

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