Queer East Festival: A Song Sung Blue

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Join Queer East Festival for the UK premiere of A Song Sung Blue.

Harbin, north-east China: after her mother goes abroad for work, 15-year-old Xian is forced to live with her father, a free-spirited photographer whom she has barely seen since her divorce. He’s in a relationship with his assistant, who has an 18-year-old Chinese-Korean daughter called Mingmei. A restless summer ensues, as the lonely, shy Xian becomes utterly intoxicated with the extroverted, worldly Mingmei: this will be a summer she will never forget.

A Song Sung Blue is an exhilarating coming-of-age story, brought to life by vivid cinematography and exceptional performances from young actors Kay Huang and Jing Liang, who perfectly capture the complexities of the girls’ friendship and attraction. A testament to the innocence and impulses of youth, Geng Zihan’s debut signals the arrival of a powerful voice in queer cinema.

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