Film London Labs: The Directors Sessions

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  • Price: £70+VAT

The Directors Sessions is back! After the success of our previous directors’ lab, we’ll be delving deeper into the art of visual and directorial storytelling.

The film industry has been revitalized by new directors that have captivated wide audiences through their fresh and innovative stories, along with bold visual styles. This has opened the door for aspiring filmmakers to cultivate their own creative vision - outlining unique ideas to translate work from script to screen and developing filmmaking techniques to effectively convey the story.

This lab is geared towards emerging directors and writer/directors as we aim to lift the lid on the directorial process; to develop your visual style, exercising creativity with filmmaking techniques whilst also exploring the commercial aspects to help establish yourself as a director and build a sustainable career.

You’ll have the chance to hear from breakout filmmakers and those in the industry who are making their mark with an innovative storytelling approach.

Our exciting line-up of guest speakers includes;

  • Charlotte Regan, Director & Writer – Scrapper (BIFA-winning and BAFTA-nominated)
  • Savanah Leaf, Director & Writer - Earth Mama (BAFTA and BIFA-winning)
  • Alex Hardcastle, Director – The Office US, Parks & Rec, New Girl, Ghosts, Senior Year
  • Mahalia Belo, Director - The End We Start From (BIFA-nominated)
  • Elle McAlpine, Intimacy Coordinator – Poor Things, It’s a Sin
  • Aisha Bywaters, Casting Director (BAFTA-winning) - The Kitchen, Polite Society
  • Claire Leaver, Head of Talent, Knucklehead

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