Film London Labs: The Genre Sessions

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  • location: Online
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  • Price: £70+ VAT
  • Running Time: Six Sessions

In our latest Film London Lab for directors and writers, we will bring in storytellers and industry experts working across horror, thriller, science fiction and work that artfully upends genre tropes to learn more about how to tell powerful, tension-filled stories that reflect on our world today. Creative producers keen to learn more about how to support writers are also welcome.

This Lab will take place from February 21-23, from 12:30-3pm, on Zoom.

Speakers include:

  • Janicza Bravo (writer/director Zola) on tension
  • Sophie Green (Head of Acquisitions and Development, Bankside) on the genre market
  • Arabel Charlaff (psychodynamic psychotherapist) on the tenets of fear

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