Film London Labs: The IP Sessions

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  • Price: £70 +VAT

We’re excited to announce a brand new lab, The IP Sessions!

The modern media landscape offers countless ways to tell stories and engage audiences. For ambitious creators, bypassing traditional commissioning to share fresh, resonant content has proven rewarding. Filmmakers should be ready to harness these opportunities across various platforms, from podcasts and TikToks to serialized fiction and YouTube.

This lab is geared towards creatives seeking new ways to showcase their work, building an audience early on and creating content that resonates across diverse platforms. Additionally, we’ll dive into the fundamentals of Intellectual Property, exploring how to utilize existing material for the screen and attract collaborators and investors.

Guest speakers include;

  • Charles Kerr, Strategic Partner Manager, Youtube UK
  • Evan Shapiro, Media Universe Cartographer
  • Julia McKenzie, Comedy and Entertainment Commissioner BBC Radio 4
  • Antony Swiatek, Film & TV Lawyer, Lee & Thompson LLP
  • Saurabh Kakkar, Executive Producer (Comedy), Big Talk Studios

Taking place on Monday 8 – Friday 12 July, from 2pm, online on Zoom.

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