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Mindful Movement in Motion Pictures

Genesis Cinema
22 March - Onward

Genesis is dedicating 8 weeks to improving the well-being of those who suffer the stresses of working in challenging environments. Mental well-being is the lesson and cinema the teacher, through reflection, observation, and the application of themes and archetypes to real-life experiences.

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The Queer Archive Presents: He Loves Me

Rio Cinema
22 March

The Queer Archive proudly presents this near-the-knuckle Greek-British production. When two men escape the city with the hopes that the countryside will mend their rocky relationship, their doubts rear themselves in a showcase of deep interpersonal drama. Heated, theatrical, and unapologetically sexual.

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BBC Arabic Festival

BBC Radio Theatre
22-27 March

This festival of shorts and documentaries with Q&As, talks and presentations brings the contemporary Arab world close to home. Shining a spotlight on the socio-political issues of Arab communities, this event is free and open to everyone. The festival will conclude with an unmissable awards ceremony.

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Chronic Youth Film Festival

The Barbican
23-24 March

This curated collection of UK premieres, Q&As and shorts is a showcase of the shifting role of youth culture within society at large. This year, the festival showcases a series of innovative films that deal with escape and rebellion, across diverse countries, cultural environments and opposing landscapes.

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The Liberated Film Club

The Close-Up Cinema
25 March

For the third instalment of this display of mystery films, The Liberated Film Club invites cinematographer Sean Price Williams as a special guest. With a CV spanning narrative and non-narrative film projects, Williams has had his hand in the aesthetics of such films as Her Smell, Marjorie Prime, and Good Time.

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London Unplugged + Q&A

Everyman Baker Street
26 March

A portmanteau exploration of disparate characters scattered across London. Romantic and magical, the film is a rich tapestry on the themes of isolation, asylum and unmanageable rents. This will be the last chance to catch the film with an accompanying Q&A – for this iteration, hosted by film critic Peter Conrad.

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Deptford Cinema
26 March

Deptford Cinema, as part of their series celebrating the legendary filmmaker John Carpenter, are screening his 1984 sci-fi classic. A placid alien strikes up a heart-warming chemistry with a woman after assuming the appearance of her recently-deceased husband; the result being a charming icon of Carpenter’s career.

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UK Asian Film Festival

Peckham Springs
27 March - 7 April

This diverse collage of films, lectures, workshops, art exhibitions, masterclasses and performances is the one to watch for all things South Asian. As the perfect opportunity to celebrate the rich vibrancy of South Asian art and culture, UKAFF has successfully built bridges between British and Indian film institutions.

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Eldorado + panel talk

Battersea Arts Centre
28 March

This documentary, inspired by director Markus Imhoof’s personal experience, unveils the trials taken by Europe’s refugees. An instalment of the Beyond Borders series of international art, the film is accompanied by delicious Syrian food courtesy of Mo's Eggs, the opening of the Beyond Borders art exhibition, and a panel talk.

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