The Production Finance Market's New Talent strand offers international financiers the chance to connect with a curated selection of the most promising emerging feature filmmakers from the UK and abroad.

Applications are now closed for the 2024 edition.

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The event will take place 8-9 October 2024 in London.

The New Talent strand is a critical opportunity for the industry to discover new talent. Showcasing filmmakers making their first or second feature, the event also includes training for the selected filmmakers to ensure they are ready to find finance and grow their networks within one of the world’s most unique and respected markets.

Is the PFM New Talent strand for you?

The New Talent strand is for filmmaker teams with a fully-scripted first or second feature ready to be financed. Priority will be given to first features, but we will also consider projects that are the second feature for one or both team members where their first feature was not widely released (whether theatrically, on streaming/VOD or television).

As of 2023, there is no longer a maximum budget threshold for NTS; however budgets must be realistic for a debut feature.

Projects that are looking for completion money to deliver their film are also considered. These projects must be seeking no more than 20% of their production budget for completion.

How it works

New Talent strand filmmakers are given specialised training, followed by the opportunity to pitch and discuss their projects with financiers, investment funds, sales companies, distributors, post houses, online platforms and public agencies at PFM.

On the Market day, the filmmaking teams present their projects to the financiers in a day-long intensive series of meetings. Teams can expect to have 7-10 meetings during the day.

New Talent strand film teams will also have the opportunity to network with financiers and participants from the main PFM in general events during the market.

Alumni of the New Talent strand include Grand Theft Hamlet, Augure, If the Streets Were On Fire, Censor, White Riot, and Boiling Point. Teams who attended the market have landed finance or sales representation as a result of the meeting, and built momentum towards production and release.

Support & Training

The Film London Production Team leads training for the New Talent strand. It tends to comprise an intensive online Prep Week in September and a final training day on the day before the market.

In 2023, the training included:

  • Panel discussions featuring producers, financiers and exhibitors on topics including the state of independent film, negotiating finance deals and the recoupment structure, finance plans, and pitching and packaging projects.
  • Multiple pitch practice sessions where teams could present their projects and receive feedback from experienced industry professionals and their peers
  • A case study with Georgia Goggin, producer of Pretty Red Dress
  • Advice on securing public funding from the BFI

During training, each project is examined in detail in terms of script and financial package to ensure it is at the optimum stage to be presented to financiers.


We attended the PFM in October 2021 with our feature film project. The coaching and mentoring and specialized sessions prior to the actual market were invaluable, providing tailored advice and support and some incredibly helpful suggestions, creatively and strategically. They enabled us to really hone our project, package and strategy, which armed us for an intensive round of meetings at the market, all of which were productive for the project and for us as a team. The follow-up and support from the Film London team was, and continues to be, immensely helpful. We can't speak highly enough of the experience, both in terms of helping the project evolve and move forwards far more rapidly than it would have otherwise done, and in terms of the personal support.

Virginia Gilbert, writer/director, Reawakening (attended the market in 2021)

I learned so much about the pitching process both from the training and then the 'speed dating' with producers. It really set me in good stead and I am very pleased to announce that my feature documentary 'Into the Storm [En La Tormenta]' is now available to watch on BBC4 as part of the channel's 2021 Storyville season.

Adam Brown, Director- Attended the market in 2018 with Into the Storm

The PFM was hugely useful and instrumental in launching our project this year and helping us to secure our Sales Agent. We made some great connections and had lots of fruitful follow-ups. I wanted to give an extra special mention regarding my experience with PFM as an online event this year, as when it took place I was on maternity leave with my second baby who was only 5 months old at the time. Since I'm a regional producer and a Mum, normally I would never have been able to travel down for PFM with a newborn. Having online access to these kinds of events can be a huge leveller for the industry. The cost of travelling down to London and staying multiple days is prohibitive for lots of us living regionally, and even more so for parents of young children. Creating this kind of equitable access ensures that diverse voices are reaching financiers, sales agents and other partners.

Millie Marsh, 2020 Producer