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About the film

A sci-fi thriller, combining elements of Memento, Primer and Social Network.

The award-winning screenplay tells the story of Ana, Nate and Liv, Oxford PhD students who accidently invent a wormhole generator. They develop the generator until it's big enough to teleport a person. They draw straws. Ana goes through.

Ana wakes up the day after the experiment, disoriented. It quickly becomes clear something has gone wrong: she has stopped creating new memories. Nate and Liv seems distant, then, as days pass, they grow openly hostile. Ana suspects they have sabotaged the project to steal it from her. The government investigates. The university tries to shut the project down. She is attacked, her research stolen. Unable to remember the clues that tie everything together, Ana is thwarted in her investigation. The film comes to a powerful and dramatic conclusion as Ana discovers the terrible secret behind her memory loss.

From the director

Worm is a fast, dramatic and accessible sci-fi thriller. Written for a micro-budget, it draws its momentum from tense dialogue and a noir-ish plot that should have the audience trying to solve the crime as Ana does. It uses locations carefully to help advance the story, with scope for creative production design as the wormhole generator is built out of scrap and circuitry.

In keeping with its film noir trappings, we will use darkness to effect, creating suspense out of what isn't seen. The film will be classically shot, carefully composed frames using shallow depth of field. Music plays an important role in the film; we will use a mix of symphonic and electronic score to create a dark, tense mood that will help propel the narrative.

In short, Worm should be an entertaining, gripping, and intellectually stimulating feature film with several excellent twists to hook an audience in.


Meet the team

Dieudonnée and Keir Burrows

Writer/Director Keir Burrows

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Keir is an award-winning writer, director and producer. His latest film, The Showreel (2014) premiered at the BFI London Film Festival. It played at Oscar-qualifying Rhode Island and Shanghai International, and won at Cambridge Film Festival.

Both his previous films (Donkey, 2011, and Grace, 2012) opened at Tribeca. Together his films have won over a dozen Best Film, Screenplay or Director awards. His final short, Hen Party, 2014, is currently being submitted. He grew up in Durban, South Africa, and now lives in North London with his wife and producing partner, Dieudonnée, and their daughter Cassidy.


Producer Dieudonnée Burrows

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Burrows is an award-winning producer. She has produced five short films that together have screened at over fifty international festivals, including at Oscar-qualifying Tribeca Film Festival (in both 2012 and 2013), BFI London Film Festival and Rhode Island, as well as BAFTA-qualifying Cambridge, London Short and Shanghai Film Festivals.

The films she has produced have won over a dozen awards. Dieudonnée, from Utrecht, The Netherlands, lives in North London, with husband and filmmaking partner Keir, and their daughter Cassidy.

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