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All Film London staff can be contacted on 020 7613 7676 or by fax on 020 7613 7677.

A list of the Board of Directors is also available.

Adrian Wootton - Chief Executive

Adrian Wootton - Chief Executive
Adrian has been Chief Executive since May 2003. He is responsible for the overall management and strategy of Film London and represents the agency on a national and international level.
Read Adrian's full biography.


Jane Shaw - Executive Assistant
Jane assists and supports Adrian in all projects relating to his role, including co-ordinating his diary and attendance at events.

Please contact the Inward Investment & Business Development department directly on 020 7613 7683.

Helena Mackenzie - Head of Inward Investment & Business Development

Helena Mackenzie - Head of Inward Investment & Business Development
Helena manages all matters pertaining to inward investment and business development – playing a key part in both securing productions for the London film and TV industry and promoting Film London's position in the international market place.

David Shepeard

David Shepheard – Senior Inward Investment Manager
David champions London as a destination for film-making to potential film & television and animation clients and producers across the UK and globally. He is responsible for the day to day management of filming in the capital and ensures that London maintains a reputation of film friendliness and increases its levels of filming. Heading up the filming team, he manages the London Filming Partnership, a network of over 250 members.


Joshua Llewellyn – Filming Partnership Assistant
Joshua supports the Filming Partnership Manager and the Locations team in their delivery of attracting inward investment and facilitating filming across the capital. He is responsible for delivering the administration of the partnership, its networking events and familiarisation trips.

Paul Howard

Paul Howard – Senior Locations Officer
Paul works closely with film and television production companies to pitch London as a destination for productions. He provides locations advice, liaison, facilitation and support to location managers and teams filming in the capital.

Susie Williams - Filming Advisor: Industry

Susie Williams – Senior Locations Officer
Susie works closely with film and television production companies to pitch London as a destination for productions. She provides locations advice, liaison, facilitation and support to location managers and teams filming in the capital.

Melinda Knowles - Filming Advisor: Local Authorities

Melinda Knowles - Filming Services Manager
Melinda works closely with all the local authorities and key organisations and agencies across London to ensure coordination and planning of productions and the successful delivery of filming across the capital. 

Alison Williams: Production Advisor

Alison Williams – Production Advisor
Alison is responsible for the tracking of and liaising with potential productions. She is the direct customer relationship coordinator for the studios, post production, VFX and hotel members of the London Filming Partnership. 

Akshay Desai - Locations Officer

Akshay Desai – Locations Officer
Akshay is responsible for day-to-day location enquiries, providing locations advice and assistance to those wishing to film in and around London. He also runs Film London’s Location Managers’ Availability Service. 


Aysha Hussain – Production Assistant
Aysha assists the Filming Partnership Manager in their work to attract investment from film, television and animation productions. She is responsible for collating, analysing and presenting data for Film London’s Directory, the website and reports to stakeholders.

Bob Thompson: Animation and Television consultant

Bob Thompson – Animation & Television Consultant
As a consultant, Bob Thompson’s role is to attract US, international and UK television and animation companies to base their productions in London through trade missions, events and other promotional initiatives.

Jennifer Corcoran Business Development Administrator

Jennifer Corcoran – Business Development Administrator
Jen plays a key role in coordinating and delivering Film London's business development projects, including London Screenings and Production Finance Market.

Angela Malvone: Business Development Assistant

Angela Malvone – Business Development Assistant
Angela supports the Inward Investment and Business Development team with a range of tasks relating to its initiatives including the London Screenings and Production Finance Market.

Please contact the Talent Development and Production department directly on 020 7613 7698 or call 020 7613 7693 with any enquiries about Microwave.

Deborah Sathe: Head of Talent Development & Production

Deborah Sathe - Head of Talent Development & Production
Deborah is responsible for Film London’s production and talent development strategy including the agency’s shorts and feature length productions schemes, including the award-winning Film London Microwave, as well its range of training initiatives.

Kevin Dolan – Talent Development Manager

Kevin Dolan - Talent Development Manager  
Kevin is central to identifying, developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating projects and developing partnerships and funding to deliver talent development and training to the industry in London. 

Josic Cadoret: Talent Development Coordinator

Jo Cadoret - Talent Development Coordinator 
Jo ensures the successful development and delivery of the digital shorts scheme and other production projects, including the London Borough Film Fund initiatives. 

Tessa Inkelaar: Development Producer

Tessa Inkelaar – Development Producer
Tessa works with the Head of Talent Development & Production and the Talent Development Manager in nurturing talent across Microwave and all of Film London’s production schemes.


Alice Whittemore – Production Team Junior
Alice is responsible for coordinating the Talent Development & Production team’s diaries and providing administrative support across the department.

Olivier Kaempfer: Senior Microwave Executive

Olivier Kaempfer - Senior Microwave Executive 
Olivier works closely with the Head of Production & Talent Development to oversee the running of the Microwave scheme, from selection process through to delivery of work.



Please contact the Film London Artists' Moving Image Network (FLAMIN) team on 020 7613 7694


Maggie Ellis - Head of Artists’ Moving Image
Maggie heads up the artists' moving image department, which is dedicated to growing and developing this vital and vibrant area of work. She is responsible for overseeing the agency's commissioning of artists' moving image work and talent development. She also explores opportunities to support creative talent in the animation sector.

Rose Cupit - Film London Artists' Moving Image Network Senior Manager

Rose Cupit - Senior FLAMIN Manager 
Rose manages the Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network (FLAMIN) - an advice, information, brokerage and advocacy service specifically aimed at London-based artists working with moving image.


Rob Hill - FLAMIN Digital Officer  
Rob researches and delivers FLAMIN's digital and online projects.


Ester Catala: FLAMIN Adminstrator

Ester Catala - FLAMIN Administrator
Ester works on artists' development and production commissions, including FLAMIN Productions, Random Acts, plus other projects within the department.


Marta Michalowska: FLAMIN Project Officer

Marta Michalowska - FLAMIN Project Officer
Marta works on the Film London Jarman Award, a prize for UK based artists working in moving image, alongside other FLAMIN projects.



Please contact the Film Promotion & Culture department on 020 7613 7679. It is also possible to call the Press department directly on 020 7613 7680 and the Audience Development team on 020 7613 7697


Anna Highet – Head of Film Promotion & Culture
Anna is responsible for the development and implementation of Film London's communication, film promotion and cultural strategies. This includes the promotion of the British Film Commission, as well as overseeing Film London’s film cultural delivery through Film Hub London and London’s Screen Archives.


Colette Geraghty - Senior Press & Communications Manager
Colette is the first point of contact with regards to all press enquiries for Film London and the British Film Commission (BFC). She is responsible for delivering a positive public profile for Film London and the BFC through developing and implementing a planned, proactive press and publicity service and strategy.

Paul Lancaster – Corporate Sponsorship Manager

Paul Lancaster – Corporate Sponsorship Manager
Paul is responsible for devising and delivering Film London’s corporate partnerships and sponsorship strategy. He identifies and pursues opportunities for B2B, consumer and community partnerships, maximising benefits for both parties.

Berry Cochrane – Digital Development Coordinator

Berry Cochrane – Digital Development Coordinator
Berry is responsible for Film London’s entire online presence including its main corporate site, micro sites and social media. She also coordinates Film London’s overall digital strategy.


Avalon Lyndon – Communications Officer
Avalon supports Film London's communication, film promotion and cultural activities, including producing copy and artwork for on and off-line use, organising events and looking after Film London's brand.

Paul Bowman - Senior Film Culture Manager

Paul Bowman – Senior Film Culture Manager 
Paul manages the implementation of Film London's activity developing, supporting and celebrating film cultural exhibition and education in the capital. He manages Film Hub London, develops strategies to maximise available resources and access project funding to increase benefits and deliver meaningful projects across the capital.

Flora Menzies: Film Culture and Marketing Officer

Flora Menzies - Film Culture and Marketing Officer
Flora helps deliver Film London’s film culture activity including the Film Hub London. She also facilitates in the delivery of events and marketing across the organisation.

Rebekah Polding: London Screen Heritage Manager

Rebekah Polding - London Screen Heritage Manager
Rebekah manages the delivery of the London Screen Archives network and all other Film London screen heritage projects.


Louise Pankhurst – Film Archivist and Screenings Coordinator, London: A Bigger Picture
Louise is responsible for delivering an innovative outreach programme for London’s Screen Archives’ London: A Bigger Picture. She coordinates screenings of archive film material across London’s Outer Boroughs, as well as providing technical expertise in film handling and identification to support the project.


David Whorlow – Volunteer and Archives Coordinator, London: A Bigger Picture 
David is responsible for supporting volunteers and local borough archives participating in London’s Screen Archives’ London: A Bigger Picture project. He will help engage wider audiences with film heritage in Outer Boroughs, develop film heritage skills in local archives and address gaps in the regional film collection.


Jack Reichhold – Information and Media Officer 
Jack works with London's Screen Archives' network of more than 100 organisations as well as funders and other partners to enable the smooth flow of facts and files between them. He helps ensure the successful running of digital film archive projects.

Please contact the Strategy & Resources department on 020 7613 7688. The Information & Monitoring team can also be contacted on 020 7613 7689 and Finance can be called directly on 020 7613 7687

Daniela Kirchner - Head of Strategy & Resources

Daniela Kirchner - Chief Operating Officer 
Daniela develops and implements Film London’s corporate strategy, managing the annual planning process and leading on the delivery of plans to funders and partners. She is also the lead officer in respect of agency finance, human resources and information services.

James Dewar - Office Manager

James Dewar – Office Manager 
James manages a wide range of areas and contractors to ensure the safe and efficient running of the office.

Sophie Goldspink - Information & Monitoring Manager

Sophie Goldspink - Information & Monitoring Manager 
Sophie manages Film London's information resources, including Film London's online Directory, and has responsibility for coordinating and facilitating monitoring across the company.

Matti Allam: Euroscreen Project and Communications Coordinator

Matti Allam – EuroScreen: Project & Communications Coordinator
Matti coordinates EuroScreen, the European screen tourism project of which Film London is the lead partner. She is responsible for the efficient operational delivery of the project and the implementation of all aspects of the communications strategy.

Abee McCallum: Receptionist and Assistant Office Manager

Abee McCallum – Receptionist and Assistant Office Manager
Abee staffs the reception desk and provides essential administrative support for the office. She is the main point of contact for general enquiries and works closely with the Office Manger on IT and office management.

Lucy Fitch: Finance Officer

Lucy Fitch – Finance Officer
Lucy is responsible for the administration of Film London’s financial systems ensuring that they are accurate and up to date as well as preparing all financial monitoring information for reporting purposes.

Anchal Clarke – Financial Controller (Job Share)

Anchal Clarke

Anchal Clarke and Paulene Tann – Financial Controllers
Anchal and Paulene manage Film London’s financial systems and work with the Head of Strategy & Resources on all financial planning and to ensure the organisation’s finances are legally compliant.

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