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From local film clubs to multiplexes, Film Hub London aims to bring together film exhibitors from across the city to better serve its diverse population.

Having identified big gaps in cinema provision and engagement across London, Film London wants to substantially increase cinema accessibility and audience diversity in the capital, particularly outside central London.

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As the Film Hub Lead Organisation (FLHO), Film London will provide Hub members with a wide range of funding opportunities, screening programmes, training and networking events and audience research. It will help London's exhibitors become truly inclusive, reaching as many new and existing audiences as possible.

Film Hub London is part of the BFI Film Audience Network, a nationwide network of exhibitors taking cultural cinema to their communities.

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The Hub's aims and initial activity

  • Ensure cinema is accessible to as many Londoners as possible
    Hub Members will have access to training and targeted outreach initiatives, including Community Screen Scheme, which hopes to bring community cinema events into mainstream venues, and Access Cinema, aimed at improving the cinematic experience for disabled audiences.  
  • Increase opportunities for everyone to engage with cinema, in all its diversity
    To ensure a full and diverse range of cinema is available across the whole of London, a Programming Priority Scheme is being developed. It will support those projects and organisations already representing London's diversity by offering culturally specific programming and make these programmes, as well as some centrally curated by the Hub, available to members.
  • Raise the profile of London's cinema sector
    Part of Film Hub London's outreach has to be getting the word out to audiences. It will be developing media partnerships and working with arts organisations to capitalise on opportunities for promotion. By bringing members of the Hub together, the aim is to achieve media exposure that wouldn't be possible working individually.

How the Hub is making sure it get things right

Film London is mapping cinema provision and levels of engagement across London to ensure all strategic decisions for the Hub are grounded in rigorous research and consultation, and that we prioritise those areas currently underserved. This includes:

  • Understanding the audience potential across Greater London
    Through the Hub, Film London aims to provide members with access to audience research, giving them fresh insight that can provide a concrete basis for decisions on marketing plans, membership schemes and audience development initiatives. It will also help to map audiences across London and determine where support should be focussed.
  • Building a network that involves all members in achieving the Hub aims
    All Hub members will have access to mentoring schemes and experienced advisors to ensure they have the support and skills they need to become fully inclusive. Regular networking opportunities, such as the Exhibitors' Breakfast, provide a space to share ideas and best practice, establish new contacts and share the evaluation of funded projects.  
  • Ensuring excellence in delivery across the sector
    Working with Creative Skillset, the ICO and The Audience Agency the Hub will provide training and business development to members including Cultivate, Film London's UK-wide training for film educators. We're also aiming to work with other arts organisations to create opportunities to share best practice across the sector, particularly in community and outreach work.

Becoming part of the Hub

From commercial chains and independent cinemas to community groups and film clubs, the network is open to all active exhibitors in Greater London. 

The wider Film Audience Network

Film Hub London is part of the BFI Film Audience Network (BFI FAN). The Network is aimed at boosting film audiences across the UK, particularly for specialised and independent British film.

The Network is made up of nine Film Hubs across the UK. Each Film Hub is led by a Film Hub Lead Organisation (FHLO). We are the Film Hub Lead Organisation for London. Read more about BFI FAN on

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