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2014-15 slate

2014-15 slate

The Blue House

About the film

A supernatural coming-of-age, The Blue House is the dark and sexual story of Tommy, a 15-year-old boy, trapped in the decaying family mansion in London with the spirit of his mother, Diana.

A fading star of the London opera, Diana's death from cancer has left Tommy living alone as he struggles to come to terms with her death alongside the natural feelings of an adolescent boy. In life, Diana had a smothering love for her son but, in death, the strength of her love will not let him go.

Desperate to share his first sexual experience with his school friend, Lucy, the naïve Tommy must now choose between a secret life with his loving mother or sharing his first experiences with Lucy. A heart-breaking story about the timeless conflict of love, death and lust in a London suffocated by money, anxiety and stilted emotion.

From the director

The week that my mother died, every time I closed my eyes, all I could see was her. The past and present blended into one. It was the most supernatural experience of my life. When I wrote The Blue House, I wanted to capture this feeling, where time has stopped, and take the audience deep into the heart and mind of young Tommy as he feels the love and loss of his mother, Diana.

Tommy's story plays on the line between psychology and the supernatural. It is visual, cinematic and emotionally urgent. We see with Tommy, hear with him, feel with him. The look of the film is inspired by Truffaut's The 400 Blows, which uses anamorphic cinematography in cramped rooms to takes us into the growing mind of a young boy and his troubled family.

The Blue House is about the loss of innocence a child experiences when he realises his parents are fallible, and as he journeys through sexual awakening. We stay completely in Tommy's emotional point of view. We experience his disorientation, confusion and teenage lust, and we fear for his life at the very moment he does.

Meet the team

Writer/Director Patrick Dickinson

Twitter | IMDB

Patrick is the only British winner of a Student Emmy, for his short film Usagi-San, which won the Special Jury Prize at the BAFTA Los Angeles Student Awards.

He is a BAFTA 'Brit to Watch' and graduate of the American Film Institute in Los Angeles.

Patrick is currently in development with producer Gabrielle Tana (Philomena, The Duchess) on his spec feature Cottontail. He is a former BBC Trainee and has written and directed numerous broadcast documentaries including I, Samurai and The Real Casino Royale with Daniel Craig. He studied Oriental Studies at Oxford University where he specialised in Japanese cinema.

"Usagi-San is heartbreaking...a must-see film" Dave Calhoun, Time Out

Producer Sophie Venner

Twitter | IMDB

Sophie won a BAFTA in 2014 for the short film Room 8, directed by James W. Griffiths. It was also awarded Best Branded Short at Shots 2013 and Best Long Form Drama at the Webby Awards, 2014. Sophie was line producer on BIFA nominated Crocodile, directed by Gaelle Denis, which won the Prix Canal+ award at Semaine de la Critique 2014.

Sophie's first short film K, directed by Piers Thompson, was nominated for the Golden Bear and was officially selected at over 25 festivals. Her follow up That Thing You Drew, directed by Kerri Davenport-Burton, was nominated at multiple festivals around the world including BFI London Film Festival, Brest and Oberhausen, taking five prizes. That same year, she produced her first feature, Buried Land, directed by Steven Eastwood and Geoffrey Alan Rhodes. It was listed in the Sight and Sound's Best Films Of 2010. The film premiered in competition at Tribeca Film Festival and won critical acclaim at festivals worldwide.

Sophie has worked in produced content across a number of genres in the UK, France and Australia working with a number of brands, channels and agencies.



Watch a trailer for Patrick Dickinson's Usagi San:

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