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BBC Studioworks - Elstree


Studio Bookings
Tel: 020 3327 7400
6 Television Centre 
Wood Lane 
White City 
W12 7FW


Dimensions and facilities
Elstree Centre
Studio D – 11,800 sq ft
Elstree Studios
George Lucas 1 – 15,770 sq ft
George Lucas 2 – 15,770 sq ft
Stage 8 – 7,550 sq ft
Stage 9 – 7,550 sq ft
Studios, edit suites/ on-site post production, full permanent HD galleries with 5.1 sound, flexible lighting solutions, modern dressing rooms, green rooms and production office facilities, excellent connectivity to deliver content rapidly and securely to wherever it needs to go, catering

BBC Studioworks - Television Centre


Studio Bookings
Tel: 020 3327 7400
6 Television Centre 
Wood Lane 
White City 
W12 7FW


Dimensions and facilities
TC1 – 10,800 sq ft
TC2 – 3,430 sq ft
TC3 – 8,000 sq ft
Studios, edit suites/ on-site post production, full permanent HD galleries with 5.1 sound, flexible lighting solutions, live connectivity across all studios, modern dressing rooms, green rooms, production offices, catering

Camberwell Studios


Sales Team
Tel: 020 7737 0007 
Chartwell Business Park 
61-65 Paulet Road , Camberwell, London, SE5 9HW

Dimensions and facilities
Studio 1 - 1300 sq ft
Studio 2 - 400 sq ft 
Soundproof, greenscreen, film and TV studios. production offices, green rooms, wardrobe and make up space. Onsite car parking. Camera and Kit Hire. Studios Technicians, DOPS. Gaffers, Sound Technicians for hire. Friendly Flexible Attitude 

Cato Music - The Mill


The Mill
Tel: +44 (0)20 8877 3700
25a Rosemary Road
Garratt Business Park
SW17 0AR

Dimensions and facilities
Stage: 4618 sq ft
5 large offices and green room spaces, kitchen & shower, facilities, large car park, full catering available

Celebro Studios


Sales Team
Tel: 020 7580 8270
Portland House
4 Great Portland Street
London W1W 8QJ

Dimensions and facilities
Studio A: 800 sq ft (Includes versatile news set and green screen)
Studio B: 1,636.11 sq ft  
Studio C:  861.11 sq ft
Additional office and production spaces are available on a request. Several state of the art studios, with global IP and satellite connectivity. Ideal for news, web-streaming and programme playout.

Centrestage Studios


Danny Cañas
Studio Manager
Tel:  0207 288 4599
Centrestage Studios
8-10 Colebrooke Place, Islington
London N1 8HZ

Dimensions and facilities
A-Stage:  2500 sq ft (50’ x 50’ / 15m x 15m)  White Cyc
B-Stage:  1500 sq ft(50’ x 30’ / 15m x 9m) Green Cyc
Cycloramas – U-shaped ? coved top and bottom 
Production offices – desk ? phones ? wi-fi 
Wardrobe rooms – full length mirror ? clothes rail ? iron & ironing board 
Make up rooms – 3 x mirrors ? lean-back sink

Ealing Studios


Charlie Fremantle
Studio Manager
Tel: 020 8567 6655
Nearest station: Ealing Broadway (Central and District lines)
Ealing Green, London W5 5EP

Dimensions and facilities
Stage 1 (sound): 2808 sq ft
Stage 2 (sound): 9375 sq ft
Stage 3a (sound): 5950 sq ft
Stage 3b (sound): 5950 sq ft
3a & 3b can be combined
4 N/A
Stage 5 (sound): 968 sq ft
Tank sizes:
2) 25x20x7.8; 3A) 30x15x7.8;
3B) 36x20x7.8; 4) 8x12x7; 4) 8x16x7
Full facilities e.g. wardrobe, workshops, cutting rooms, offices

East End Studios


Pauline Long
Studio Manager
Tel: 07517 158 780 
174 - 176 Hither Green Lane 
Hither Green 
SE13 6QB

Dimensions and facilities
Studio 1: 5,500 sq ft / 511 sqm
Full Blackout; Full Lighting grid over stage 15m x 15m ; Lighting Truss on manual chain hoist; Drive in Access; 2x Make-up / Dressing rooms ; 1x Production Room 

Elstree Film Studios


Tricia Newman
Studio Manager
Tel: 020 8324 2223
Mob: 07887 982 600
Shenley Road, Borehamwood
Hertfordshire, WD6 1JG

Dimensions and facilities
Stage 1 (sound): 15,770 sq ft (1,465 sq m) 
Stage 2 (sound): 15,770 sq ft (1,465 sq m) 
Stage 5 (silent):  5,500 sq ft (503 sq m)
Stage 6 (sound): 3,844 sq ft (357.096 sq m)
Stage 7 (sound): 4980 sq ft (462 sq m)
Stage 8 (sound): 7,550 sq ft (700 sq m - indoor tank)  - currently operated by BBC Studioworks
Stage 9 (sound): 7,550 sq ft (700 sq m - indoor tank)  - currently operated by BBC Studioworks
Outdoor tank: 196 narrowing to 98 (x131x3ft)
Backlot of 7.5 acres
Preview theatre, production offices, make-up, wardrobe, dressing rooms, rehearsal space, workshops, post production facilities, production village

Green Rock


Studio Manager
Tel: 020 7833 2277
2 Riding House St
Marylebone, London 

Dimensions and facilities
All-inclusive studio: 469 sq ft
Gallery: 217 sq ft
Facilities: 76,000 sq ft
Package ingredients: Fully-flexible studio / Gallery / Sets & Set Design / Crew / Creative Services / Live-Streaming/Broadcasting Capability / Post-Production
Extras: Café / Green Rooms / Make-up Rooms / Production Offices / Screening Room / Balcony & Terrace / Apartment

Haven Studio


Studio Manager: Olga Bortkevica
Tel: 07930 174526
1 Haven Green, Spring Bridge Road, London, W5 2UU

Dimensions and facilities
Total studio space: 5,000sq ft
Ceilings height: 20ft
White Cove: 720sq ft
Studio 2: 323sq ft
Other facilities included in hire: Client area, Production area, Styling room, Makeup Room, Shower, Wi-fi 
Haven Studio is a versatile set of film studio spaces based in Ealing, offering an infinity cove, a second smaller studio, ample space for clients, hair & makeup, wardrobe and a production area.
Haven can also be used for castings, events, workshops and is a suitably cool environment to work through ideas with your clients.


IQ Studios


Sales Team
Tel: 020 7799 3655
4 Millbank
London SW1P 3JA

Dimensions and facilities
Studio: 800 sq ft
Sound stage, choice of ready made sets, executive green room, make up room, control room, gallery, screening room, multi camera, 4k UHD, editing, 24hr, 1gb fibre optic internet, WiFi, catering, kit and crewing

Island Studios


Steve Giudici 
Managing Director 
Tel: 0208 956 5600 
Black Island Studios 
Alliance Road 
London W3 0SL 
Dukes Island Studios 
Dukes Road 
London W3 0SL

Dimensions and facilities
Black Island Studios: 
Stage 1: 9750 sq ft 
Stage 2: 5985 sq ft 
Stage 3: 6000 sq ft 
Stage 4: 1800 sq ft 
Stage 5: 16,500 sq ft 
Stage 6: 4500 sq ft 
Dukes Island Studios: 
Red: 1800 sq ft 
White: 4500 sq ft 
Blue: 4900 sq ft 
All Island stages offer excellent facilities including sync sound options, drive-in access, cycs, motion control rigs, lighting facilities and on-site catering.

London Stock Exchange Studios


Sarah Lavender
Studio Business Manager
Tel: 020 7797 1123
10 Paternoster Square
London, EC4M 7LS

Dimensions and facilities
Fully equipped for all recording, broadcasting and webcasting needs. With four HD television studios, an 18 panel LED video wall, green screen, radio studio, green room, make up space, and editing facilities.

London Wimbledon Studios


Tom Osborne
Studio Coordinator
Tel: 0203 7733 719 / Mob: 07494 857 869
1 Deer Park Road
London SW19 3TL

Dimensions and facilities
Studio 1: 7,186 sq ft / 667 sq m
Studio 2: 8006 sq ft / 743 sq m
Standing street set and additional studio facilities including production offices, dressing rooms, hair and makeup, costume, workshops, canteen and commercial kitchen.

Longcross Film Studios


Bob Terry
Studio Manager
Tel: 01344 635631
Chobham Lane, Chertsey
Surrey KT16 0EE

Dimensions and facilities
Stage 1: 42,000 sq ft
Stage 2: 17,628 sq ft
Stage 3: 12,375 sq ft
Stage 4: 4,225 sq ft
Four main stages and workshops, w ide variety of office spaces and backlots, test track facility, off-road course and high incline slopes

Malcolm Ryan Studios


Tel: 0208 947 4766
Unit 48 Wimbledon Stadium Business Centre
Riverside Road, London SW17 0BA

Dimensions and facilities
Stage A: 8,004 sq ft
Stage 1: 4,350 sq ft
Stage 2: 2,940 sq ft
Stage 3: 3,600 sq ft
Stage 4: 640 sq ft

Mount Pleasant Studios


Simon Carter
Studio Manager
Tel: 02078371957
51-53 Mount Pleasant

Dimensions and Facilities
Stage: 1250 sq ft (41ft x 31ft)
Lighting Grid at 15ft; Fully Sound Proof; Pre-lit U-shaped Cyc (White as standard, but can be painted)
Large Green Room, Make Up room, Storage Room and Industrial Kitchen all included.

Pinewood Studios


Studio Sales
Tel: +44 (0) 1753 656 767
Pinewood Road, Iver Heath
Buckinghamshire SL0 0NH

Dimensions and facilities
10 large stages ranging 59,092 sq ft to 18,150 sq ft
11 more stages ranging 9,450 sq ft to 1,760 sq ft
Backlot of 20 acres
8 theatres, post production, range of interior, exterior and underwater tanks, manor house with formal gardens, lake and orchard, accommodation and on-site support services

Pinewood TV Studios


Studio Sales
Tel: +44 (0) 1753 656 767
Pinewood Road, Iver Heath
Buckinghamshire SL0 0NH 

Dimensions and facilities
Three studios, 2 x 8,960 sq ft and 1 x 2,640 sq ft
Purpose-built, dedicated TV Studios, HD Galleries, crewing, live streaming, diverse locations on the lot, 10GE connectivity to post production facilities

Shepperton Studios


Studio Sales
Tel: +44 (0) 1753 656 767
Studios Road, Shepperton
Middlesex TW17 0QD 

Dimensions and facilities
14 stages, ranging from 30,000 sq ft (working height 40 ft) to 2,800 sq ft (working height 19 ft)
11 post production theatres
5 interior tanks
Backlot of 10 acres
Nearly all stages are sound proofed. Manor house with formal gardens, accommodation and on-site support services

Spectrecom Studios


Jill Casserley
Studios Production Sales Manager
373 Kennington Road
SE11 4PT
0203 405 2260


Dimensions and facilities
Studio 1 : 3,500 ft² - W: 48ft (14.6m) x L: 74.5ft (22.6m) x H: 18ft (5.4m) to the grid.
Studio 2: 740 ft² - W: 23ft (7m) x L: 32ft (9.7m) x H: 12.3ft (3.7m).
Studio 3: 300 ft² - W: 13ft (4m) x L: 23ft (7m) x H: 10ft (3m).
Parking (must be pre-booked;) 5 x Green Rooms; 6 x Makeup Stations; 3 x Showers; Kitchen Facilities; Props & Set-build materials; 2 x Production Offices; 1Gbps Internet Bandwidth; 12 x Edit Suites; Screening Room; V/O Recording Booth; Production Office and Meeting Spaces.

Sugar Studios


Paul Greer
Tel; 07944 802880
South Warehouse, Greenwich Beach, Tunnel Avenue, Morden wharf Road, London SE10 0PA


Dimensions and facilities:
Production Hall: 334 Square Metres | Length 21.3m Width 12.9m Height 8.6m
Infinity Stage (coved): 150.5 Square Metres | Width 13.1m Length 11.4m | Cove Depth 30in
Coved Green Screen / White Space / Creative Studio / Sound Proof Stage coming summer 2019
Extras include: ample production space, green room, hair & dress areas, shower and kitchen facilities, drive-in access to the Infinity Stage and more.

Three Mills Studios


Studio Bookings 
Tel: 020 8215 3330 
Three Mill Lane 
London E3 3DU

Dimensions and facilities
Stage 1: 3,945 sq ft 
Stage 2: 3,219 sq ft
Stage 4: 6,034 sq ft 
Stage 5: 10,437 sq ft
Stage 6: 8,046 sq ft
Stage 7: 13,483 sq ft
Stage 8: 3,802 sq ft
Stage 9: 8,949 sq ft
Stage 11: 8,128 sq ft
Stage 12: 7,834 sq ft
Stage 15: 5,320 sq ft
Sound stages, production offices, rehearsal rooms, props stores, dressing rooms, make up rooms, green rooms, screening room, warehouse space, catering, grade II listed buildings, cobbled streets, cafe / bar, parking. Media village includes: Camera Hire, Casting and Crew Agencies. 


Twickenham Studios


Andrew Boswell
Sales Manager
Tel: 020 8607 8888
The Barons
St Margaret's, Twickenham
Middlesex TW1 2AW

Dimensions and facilities
Stage 1: 7,500 sq ft 
Stage 2: 2,000 sq ft 
Stage 3: 5,551 sq ft 
Production offices, ancillary spaces for props & costume, and post production facilities - four dubbing theatres including ADR/Foley, one Grading Theatre, one Grading Suite, 40 cutting rooms

Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden


Tel: 020 3427 7770
Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden,
Warner Drive,
WD25 7LP

Dimensions and facilities
Stage A: 23,400 sq ft 
Stage B: 23,400 sq ft 
Stage C: 32,200 sq ft 
Stage D water tank: 10,800 sq ft 
Stage E: 33,600 sq ft 
Stage F: 36,400 sq ft 
Stage G: 33,600 sq ft 
Stage H: 18,200 sq ft 
Stage I: 18,200 sq ft 
Stage L: 49,280 sq ft 
Stage M: 35,000 sq ft 
Stage N: 17,000 sq ft 
Stage O: 17,000 sq ft
Stage P: 35,000 sq ft / h: 50ft
Stage Q: 17,000 sq ft / h: 40ft
Stage S: 17,000 sq ft / h: 40ft
Backlot of 100 acres (most extensive backlot in Europe) 
180 degrees of clear and uninterrupted horizon, sound stage

West London Film Studios


Matilda Wylie 
Tel: 0208 831 8100
Mob: 07718 426 033
Springfield Road, Hayes
Middlesex UB4 0RG

Dimensions and facilities
Stage 1 (sound reduced): 6,240sq ft
Stage 2 (sound reduced): 5,300sq ft
Stage 3 (sound reduced): 7,100sq ft
Stage 5 (sound reduced): 7,000sq ft
Stage 6 (sound reduced): 9,400sq ft
Workshop 4a: 1,291sq ft
Workshop 4b: 1,291sq ft
Large studio site offering cost effective facilities for all types of film and television production. Featuring sound reduced stages, props storage/ workshops, flexible space, drive-in stage access, free parking, 24hr CCTV and security, 100mb fibre optic broadband/Wi-Fi, a canteen and over 70 production offices / art departments / dressing rooms.


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