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About the film

Stephanie (Brooke) returns home to find her family in the full throes of wedding preparations as her mother Susan (Burton) and partner Annette (Pelka) prepare to marry. Striving to manage her anorexia back in the real world, Stephanie’s real priority is re-connecting with her teenage daughter Pearl (Piolini-Castle).

Sick(er) explores the murky, fractured and touching complexities of the mother-daughter -grandmother dynamic in the shadow of Stephanie’s destructive eating disorder. 

From the director

"Sick(er) examines the destructive nature of eating disorders and body dysmorphia within a narrative film framework. It looks at mother-daughter relationships and the complexities of that relationship - particularly in relation to EDs. Stephanie's self-destruction makes a powerful comment about her social isolation. 

The directorial vision I have developed to realise Stephanie's journey in the most compelling way uses an approach that will blur the boundaries between experimental and narrative film. Stylistically, the film will use formal repetition and long takes. This will convey the obsessive-compulsive tendencies and repetitive behaviours associated with anorexia, and also build a character study of integrity. This conceit has been influenced  by  filmmakers  including  Chantal  Akerman,  in  particular  Jeanne  Dielman,  23,  quai  du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles. The visual rhythms of the repeated behaviours are the experimental aspect. They are key in highlighting Stephanie's social alienation and relationship with her own body."  

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Meet the team


Lucy BrydonDirector and writer Lucy Brydon

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Lucy lived in Shanghai between 2005-2010. Besides learning Mandarin, she wrote, directed and produced films, commercials and television dramas there. She studied Film Directing at Columbia University. Her short film Babe screened at numerous international festivals including Leuven, Schnit, Glasgow and others. She is the recipient of the Panavision New Filmmaker's Award. Lucy's debut novel Shanghai Passenger is partly inspired by her experiences and was recently published by Blue Mark Books. She received a grant from the Arts Council England to work on her second novel, The Boy Who Died Comfortably, which is currently a work in progress. 



Dan ClelandProducer Dan Cleland


In 2009 Dan produced his first short film Washdays, directed by Simon Neal. The film won best narrative short at Rushes Soho Short Film Festival and was nominated for a BIFA. He launched Lions Den Films, creating content for clients like UKTV and Volkswagen. He co-produced David Leon's directorial debut Orthodox. The micro-budget feature starring Stephen Graham and Michael Smiley is due for release in 2015 after premiering at the Dinard Film Festival. 




Jeanette Sutton Producer Jeanette Sutton


Jeannette started her film career running the Cannes office for sales agent Velvet Octopus in 2007. In 2011 she went to Australia and worked for the Melbourne International Film Festival as their Guest Coordinator, then later worked in the Industry office at Sundance. She's worked as 3rd AD on a number of films, and Production Manager for commercials. In 2014 she co- produced a short film for Director David Petch in association with Arts Co and the Corinthia Hotel and in early 2015 she produced The Biscuitman's Wife, directed by Morgan Kennedy. 




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