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2015-16 Microwave slate

Real Boy

About the film

Real Boy is the story of a transgender child growing up in a Reform Jewish family in North London, inspired by Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi.

Thirteen year-old Arielle is preparing for her Bat Mitzvah coming-of-age ceremony at a Reform Jewish synagogue in North London when she asks her rabbi "When I become a woman in the eyes of God, does it mean I'm a woman forever?" Despite being biologically female, Ari is a boy. Real Boy examines what it really means to belong. It shows us how a child of this generation forces at first a family, and then a whole London community, to question their traditions and prejudices.

From the director

"I believe we tell stories to help us understand our experience of the world, and that of others. Whilst only a tiny portion of us identify as trans*, many of us know what it feels like not to fit in, or to be betrayed by the way others perceive us. My aim with Real Boy is to tell a painful story with a light touch; to open up Ari's specific story and make it resonate with anyone who has ever beaten themselves up, or has ever felt that they don't belong.

We will craft a style that infuses realism with poetry and psychological insight, observing events with intimacy, honesty and clarity. The camera will create a world where things are arranged simply; left and right, blue and pink, girl and boy. Then it will muddle that world, breaking down binary forms, allowing new possibilities to emerge."

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Meet the team


Liam CreightonDirector Liam Creighton

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Liam hails from an insular village in the West Midlands. At the age of 19 he ran away to Israel to reinvent himself on a kibbutz; he has made further unconventional decisions since then. After stints in America and France, he studied filmmaking at the London Film School with a Creative Skillset bursary. Liam has written, directed and produced a variety of short films and music promos which have been recognised with a Student Oscar nomination and a Best of British award at Encounters, among others. This is his second spin through the Microwave scheme.


Danny de WarrenProducer Danny de Warren


Danny's recent film and television work includes production and business executive on J. K. Rowling's The Casual Vacancy miniseries for the BBC and HBO, John Carney's Sing Street, soon to be released by The Weinstein Company, and Vincent Perez's Alone In Berlin staring Emma Thompson and Brendan Gleeson, to be released in 2016. Danny was part of the team that started and grew film and television production company FilmWave since its founding in 2012 by producers Paul Trijbits and Christian Grass. Danny has attended the National Film and Television School and has an MA in filmmaking from the London Film School, where he went on to attend the intensive Fast Forward Producing programme. Danny also holds an MA in Theology from the University of Cambridge. Danny's short films have been selected and won awards at festivals around the world.


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