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2014-15 slate

2014-15 slate


About the film

Punishment is a psychological thriller about a British-Bengali woman whose marriage takes a dark turn when she is asked to make an unimaginable sacrifice.

Joy has just married Ash and reluctantly agrees to move in temporarily with Ash's belligerent older brother Rana and his long-suffering wife Megh. Joy finds an unlikely friend in Megh and helps her discover a world outside her home for the first time. But Rana is troubled, warning Ash that he should be watching his new wife much more closely.

When the two women meet a neighbour, an act of violence is committed. Someone in the family must be punished - but who? Punishment is a modern re-imagining of a short story by Nobel-Prize-winning Bengali writer Rabindranath Tagore.'

From the director

I love films about ordinary people going through profound change, change that rewrites their core. Punishment contains all the elements of this kind of drama, but arranged in the pattern of a psychological thriller.

We'll shoot the film from Joy's point of view as she adapts to the circumstances that are forced upon her, wondering which injustice is the one that will make her snap and push back.

As Joy's understanding of the people around her changes, so will the tone of the film. The colour palette, lighting and framing will shift along with her interpretation of events. Although I've never been party to anything as grave as a murder, I've definitely lived through periods where the logic of the world has been turned upside-down, and I want to bring this feeling to the film.

Structurally similar to Moretti's The Son's Room (2001); another reference is A Headless Woman (2008) directed by Lucrecia Martel.


Meet the team

Ayndrilla Singharay, Liam Creighton, Fiona Black - Unsung

Director Liam Creighton

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Originally from a sleepy little village in the West Midlands, Liam Creighton lived and worked around the world before settling in London.

His work is strongly influenced by Japanese family drama and often focuses on unconventional family structures.  Films Liam directed have screened and won awards internationally. He is currently developing a short as writer/director with Librecine and a feature as director with Polychrome Pictures.

Liam's The Library of Burned Books earned him a Student Academy Award nomination in 2013 while Rosemary Jane won Best of British at Encounters that same year.

He also works freelance in production and AD roles, teaches occasional practical filmmaking classes at Arcadia University and is producing the voice acting for a forthcoming computer game. When he isn't working on or watching a film, he cooks, swims and – very occasionally – he sleeps.


Writer Ayndrilla Singharay


Ayndrilla Singharay is a British-Bengali writer who enjoys bridging the gap between fiction, playwriting and screenwriting. Her work often focuses on familial relationships and untold stories within the domestic sphere.

In 2013 Ayndrilla produced her first play Punishment in London to critical acclaim, followed by a run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014. Ayndrilla also works with Asha a South Asian charity that provides refuge accommodation for women and children escaping violence, where she delivers training on Gender Awareness, Domestic Violence, Honour-Based Violence and Forced Marriage.

Ayndrilla is working on her next stage play. In addition, she spends a lot of time thinking about food, travelling and gender equality.


Producer Fiona Black


Fiona Black's passion is story telling. After drama college she won a scholarship to study a Masters degree in the States, then worked in the theatre, acting and directing, before spending many years in television drama as a freelance Production Manager/Line Producer. In 2008 she graduated with distinction in script development from the Script Factory/National Film and Television course.

Her first feature film as a producer was Eilbheas/Elvis, a bi-lingual film set on the island of Lewis, which opened the Gaelic Channel in Scotland. More recently she has produced for other television channels. She hopes the move into film will provide the opportunity to bring to life intimate tales which have a universal resonance. Making cross cultural films is her primary aim so she is concentrating on developing work in this area.

To facilitate her move into feature film production she attended Fast Forward Producing at the London Film School and is delighted with the  opportunity to learn more through Film London Microwave.



Watch Liam Creighton's short Julie Julie.


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