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Film London recently attends Universities UK conference on employability and skills

Date posted: 28.05.2019



Film London recently attended the third annual Universities UK conference on employability and skills, formed to bring together industry leaders and education sector experts to discuss tackling employability and graduate skills development.

Our CEO Adrian Wootton attended the conference to speak on a panel alongside industry experts in finance, engineering and digital, discussing the skills gap in different sectors. Adrian addressed the current disconnect between universities and the workforce in the screen industry, stating ‘there shouldn’t be a course on film and TV that doesn’t explain the context of the industry - there needs to be more people from the screen industries embedded into the university system’ – highlighting the current lack of dialogue between universities and those hoping to employ graduates.


After discussing the challenges graduates face and the specific skills gap of the screen industry, Adrian concluded that whilst there are certainly issues to be addressed, there is also opportunity like never before for universities and workplaces to support one another in supporting graduates from all backgrounds in achieving success in employment.

One of the ways in which Film London is working to close the current skills gap in the screen industries is through our Equal Access Network, by helping new entrants, mid-level and returners to get in, stay in and return to the TV and Film industry - we particularly focus on under-represented groups to ensure that the industry reflects the diversity and inclusiveness of our capital city.

Find out more about Equal Access Network.


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