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Miami Film and TV Producers see what the capital has to offer

Date posted: 15.01.2019

In 2018 we were thrilled to announce a new city-to-city agreement between London and Miami, and a familiarisation trip marked a significant step in fostering greater creative, commercial and cultural exchange between the two regions.

Film London brought six top Miami Film and TV producers to London in order to showcase the city's production offer and strengthen industry relationships. Our six delegates were:


·       Jamie Lee Smith, Producer/CEO at Global Rockstar Productions

·       Karen Hall, President of New Voyage Productions

·       Matthew Wohl, owner and producer of Traveling Dog Films

·       Patricia Arias, co-founder and director of Miami Media and Film Market

·       Robert Reese, producer and writer at HatCreek Films, LLC

·       Tony Feijoo, director of MonopolyDog Films

Over the course of five days, the delegates were shown some of the best of London's production infrastructure and upcoming developments. The jam-packed week included visits to the site of the Barking and Dagenham studio, tours of 3 Mills Studios, Hireworks, Neasden Studios and Ealing Studios, as well as sessions on high-end TV tax relief with industry experts Lee and Thompson and Shipleys LLP. The trip also included attendance of C21's Content London International Drama Summit, where they networked with TV industry representatives, and held an In-Conversation session with delegate Karen Hall. The delegates also attended the C21 Drama Awards and reception.


The delegates all noted the setup of the UK's tax incentives, highlighting its efficiency and "comprehensive" structure. As well as emphasising these high-end tax incentives, delegates praised London as "rich with locations and production facilities".  Patricia Arias called the city "a versatile destination... [which] offers a wide variety of locations (both interior and exterior) and the quality of the production and post production facilities make it perfect", further stating that "London can be made to look like any place in the world at any given time".  Karen Walker also noted the variety of locations, which meant that your story "could be set at any point in history, or could be current".

The delegates also highlighted the access to qualified crew available in the UK Film and TV industries. "There is a difference in approach to the work. London offers a collection of talented, well-trained practitioners who are focused on the work", said Matthew Wohl. Arias commented on "the diversity of the talent" going on to say that "if one utilizes local talent both above and below the line, it can reduce in production costs, whilst producing a first-class product at all budgetary levels."

None of this would be possible without the support of our partners and sponsors and we would like to thank our US partners Miami Media and Film Market (MMFM) and Miami-Dade Film Commission for their continued support.

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