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Image of Legend Tom Hardy

Café de Paris in Legend

Date posted: 01.09.2015

The infamous Kray twins continue to be a source of fascination in a new outing on the big screen.

Notorious East End gangsters Ronnie and Reggie Kray are depicted in Legend, with Tom Hardy (Mad Max: Fury Road) giving us double vision by taking on both roles.

Nightclub glamour & violence

Location of the Month Cafe de Paris main room bar

Academy Award-winner Brian Helgeland (LA Confidential, 42) wrote and directed Legend, basing the story on true crime biography 'The Profession of Violence: The Rise and Fall of the Kray Twins' by John Pearson. A large part of the glamour and excesses of the twins' lives involved rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous, often in the various clubs they owned in the 50s and 60s.

The Hideaway Club was one of these, with the opulent Café de Paris playing its perfect double in the film.  

Events Manager at Café de Paris, Kayleigh Santos describes the history of their venue as playing host to "a wide variety of powerful and absorbing guests," including high society, eminent political figures, entertainers, A-list silver screen stars and even royalty.

Location Manager Pat Karam says of the shoot: "We had 200 extras and scenes of 50s nightclub glamour and violence".  

Working together

Tom Hardy in Legend

Working together with the Legend team, Santos enthuses, "the crew were fantastic from day one, being very professional, organised, efficient and so easy to work alongside."

Karam was particularly grateful for the way in which the location staff accommodated for the shoot, saying: "[the staff helped] considerably by removing modern lighting and speakers before we started dressing," thereby achieving the film's particular look.

Santos recalls: "By the first day of filming, Café de Paris was all set and looked just like a beautiful nightclub in the 60s."

As it was a midweek shoot, the venue was kept open for normal operations during the filming period. However, Santos says this was not a hindrance, "as the cast and crew worked perfectly with the venue".

Gangsters find parking

Location of the Month Cafe de Paris central staircase

A different challenge faced by the crew involved parking, given the inevitably busy nature of Leicester Square.

In a testament to the great teamwork on set, the Westminster Special Events team took a hand in accommodating for the shoot in the busy square. Karam expressed his gratitude to the team saying, "[they] were very good with mid-week parking suspensions for what was a pretty large unit around the location."

A successful shoot

With the film crew working on set with the venue over five days (including two days prep, two days shoot and one day's strike), the filming experience was a success for both the production and venue.

Of working with the cast as well as crew, Santos recounts that they, "were a delight to work with". Karam was equally as appreciative of the assistance received from the location staff and says, "[they] were fantastically helpful and well organised in every way."

About Café de Paris

Location of the Month Cafe de Paris mezzanine

The Café de Paris boasts a stunning and glamorous ballroom, with a polished floor dating from 1924 being the centrepiece to this immaculately preserved venue.

In addition to the main ballroom and mezzanine floor, it also features:

-       three themed private rooms

-       a sweeping double staircase  

-       a glittering centrepiece chandelier

Café de Paris has been host to a variety of productions, including Rush, X Men: First Class and television drama Lucan, as well as television shows such as Made In Chelsea, Strictly Come Dancing, Celebrity Big Brother and ITV's Nations Favourite... countdown series.

For filming at Café de Paris, please contact:

Andrew Bernie / Events and Sales Manager / 020 7287 4861 /

Kayleigh Santos / Events Manager / 020 7395 5807 /

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