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Image of news Elizabeth Taylor Mead at Cannes

Cannes International Film Festival: Hub Member Report

Date posted: 19.05.2015

The Phoenix Cinema's Elizabeth Taylor-Mead is at the Cannes Film Festival thanks to a Training, Travel and Accommodation bursary from Film Hub London. We quizzed her on her experience:

Please introduce yourself and your venue

I'm Elizabeth Taylor-Mead, executive director of London's Phoenix Cinema

What was your main motivation for attending Cannes?

To see international films coming to the market with a view to finding gems for our discerning audiences

Is this your first major European festival?

Yes since I've moved back to the UK but I've been going to Toronto and Sundance for years

What's so special about Cannes?

The glamour - it's the grande dame of market festivals

What would your top tips be for a first timer?

Carry food, study the race form before arriving, bring a book to read in the queues.

Which films are you most excited about bringing to the Phoenix's audience?

So far, Stephane Brize's The Measure Of A Man. This will do well with our audiences if it gets the promotion it deserves

Apart from the films, what was the most valuable aspect of attending this particular festival

Observing the international industry geared up to do battle

Have you made any useful new connections?

I've talked to mainly to buyers and bloggers.

Can you sum up your Cannes experience in three words?

Chic, cher, chouette!

Why do you think it's important for Film Hub London to offer this support?

It's valuable for exhibitors to see how the market works at this level. So many releases but few players with the deep pockets needed to really compete. And yet it's thrilling when something special gets noticed and the buzz happens spontaneously.

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