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Image of Sense8, a Netflix original series from the Wachowski siblings

The George Tavern in Sense8

Date posted: 01.06.2015

After the space opera epic of Jupiter Ascending, the Wachowski siblings return with their highly anticipated sci-fi drama Sense8.

An original series commissioned by Netflix, Sense8 promises to be a global affair tying together individuals across earth. Don't miss the excellent British talent including Freema Agyeman, Aml Ameen and Naveen Andrews.

Eight seemingly-unlinked individuals find themselves emotionally and mentally connected to one another across the globe. The Wachowskis explore what this means on a deeper level with the interconnected as they traverse through their varied lives.

Playing many parts

The George Tavern in the heart of East London afforded the production a number of locations to transform. A popular spot for filming and shoots, the versatile location allowed for the conversion of two dining rooms to a one bedroom flat, complete with a bathroom.

Additionally, the attic on the top floor was dressed and used as a self-contained studio flat. And of course, the series' pub scenes were filmed in the bar on the ground floor.

"Creatively the George provided a traditional 'East End' setting where the small time gangster characters lived and a local pub, a la Krays," says location manager Crispin Buxton. "Logistically, in giving us the three sets in one, the production had the key location around which to base the London shoot."

"There were four days of prep and four days of shooting, followed by four days of re-dress. Working with Sense8 was a pleasant experience for the location," Jessica Murray, Bookings and Events Manager at the George Tavern says. "The cast and crew were very considerate and friendly."

Loving the George Tavern

Murray was also grateful for the respect shown to the property, praising the art department who "worked carefully within the Grade II listed building and the location mangers were great to work with – they made sure all parties were happy."

"At the very heart of the George is [property owner] Pauline Forster’s passionate conservationary energy," adds Buxton. "And I’m pleased to say that all Lana, Andy and all the Sense8 team 'got this' in a very real way, treating the place with great respect throughout."

It was certainly a most memorable shoot for staff at the George Tavern. They all worked closely with the cast and crew and felt very much involved with the shoot. Murray adds, "it was great for us to get the chance to be extras in Sense8!"

And as Buxton says, the feeling was mutual: "We all fell in love with the George and I would highly recommend any production use the Location in the future."

About the George Tavern

The George Tavern offers beautiful, character spaces available for location hire. Formally called the Halfway House, the tavern is over 700 years old and was mentioned in the writings of Charles Dickens, Samuel Pepys and Geoffrey Chaucer.

Recent shoots include the Sally Potter film Ginger & Rosa, MTV Bang, Plan B's iLL Manors, Channel 4's The Morgana Show as well as photo shoots with the likes of Kate Moss, Grandmaster Flash, Grimes, Justin Timberlake, Adrien Brody, Grace Jones and Nick Cave.

The George Tavern offers a range of charming rooms including a large attic space, studios, bedrooms and a country kitchen.

The location includes:

  • Bar and beer garden on the ground floor
  • Kitchen with Aga and dresser
  • Two reception rooms and library on the first floor
  • Pink '60s decor' bathroom
  • One double bedroom with vintage wallpaper
  • Artist's studio
  • Music studio
  • Private bedroom
  • Double width wooden staircase running through the middle of the building
  • Old wooden floorboards throughout
  • Large bohemian attic room with Victorian bathroom
  • Small bedroom with vintage wallpaper, sash window and a large brass bed

To find out more about filming at the George Tavern, contact Pauline Forster at

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