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Thrills and chills from outer space: sci-fi screenings across London this Halloween

Date posted: 29.10.2014

Looking for a cinematic alternative to the traditional horror-themed fare this Halloween? Our partners The New Black and Celluloid Circus are offering some wild and wonderful science fiction screenings and events this week with the support of Film Hub London, as part of BFI Sci-Fi: Days of Fear and Wonder season.

The Anomaly plus Q&A with director Noel Clarke

Join The New Black at Stratford East Picturehouse tomorrow for the grand finale to their Black History Month season Blackhole: The Cinematic Alien-Nation of the African Disapora.

Director Noel Clarke (Adulthood) presents his latest feature in which he stars alongside Brian Cox and Ian Somerhalder. The evening also includes live music performances and short film Touch, from director Shola Amoo.

When: Thursday 30 October, 8.30pm
Where: Stratford East Picturehouse

Hispanic panic – sci-fi goes spooky

Don’t miss Day of the Dead Futuro this All Hallows weekend which features:

  • Two days of rare Mexican sci-fi treats
  • Children’s workshops
  • Mexican market food 

and more. 

For the films showing at this intergalactic sci-fi extravaganza head to the Ritzy Cinema, Brixton, while extra activities for all ages take place round the corner at  Brixton Number 6.

The films

The Flying Saucers (Los Platillos Voladores) (Julián Soler, Mexico, 1956, 95 min)

When: Saturday 1 November, 1.00pm
What: One of the first Mexican films to feature the theme of creatures from outer space, The Flying Saucers, is a riotous musical comedy for all the family.

Marciano (Spanish for Martian) and Saturnina, are a young couple in love who hope to get married. When Marciano and Venustian get into a brawl at a party, the couple, still in their fancy dress outfits, flee in Marciano’s home-made automobile (the car has an aeroplane motor and soars in the sky). The car crashes and on finding them, the police mistake  them for aliens. Sensing this could be to their advantage, Saturnina persuades Marciano to go along with the pretence, and soon they have become celebrities, lecturing about life on other planets.

The Ship of Monsters (La nave de los monstrous) (Rogelio A. González, Mexico, 1960, 81 min)

When: Saturday 1 November, 11.00pm
What: Beta and Gamma, two voluptuous Venusians, have been trawling the universe searching for male specimens to take back and help repopulate their own planet, which has been ravaged by nuclear war. 

During the trip, it’s revealed Beta is actually a vampire. Enlisting the support of the inter-galactic monsters they’ve collected, he hatches a plot to overthrow the Earth in revenge for the fact the most attractive male specimen they’ve found so far – a mariachi-singing cowboy from Chihuahua, Mexico – seems to prefer her colleague Gamma. This Mexican classic is a delirious, unashamed mash up of sci-fi, western and horror genres, with some memorable serenading to boot.

Followed by Day of the Dead Futuro party at Brixton Number 6

Santo vs the Martian Invasion (Santo el Enmascarado de Plata Contra la Invasion de los Marcianos) (Alfredo B. Crevenna, Mexico, 1967, 92 min)

When: Sunday 2 November 6pm
What: Santo, Mexico’s most ubiquitous lucha-libre wrestler, is forced to grapple with a spaceship of beefy Martians intent on taking over the Earth. But are the silver-masked hero’s powers strong enough to overcome these evil extraterrestrials, and will he be able to successfully save our Planet from destruction.

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