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Growing partnership between London and Paris

Date posted: 21.05.2014

Film London and Ile de France Film Commission renewed the partnership agreement between the two capital cities for the fifth year at an industry reception at the Cannes Film Festival on 18 May.

Both organisations celebrate a decade this year and mark this auspicious event by increasing their partnership to involve a city-to-city exchange trip for television producers in November.

"I am delighted to be back in Cannes with our friends in the Ile de France Film Commission, renewing our fruitful and positive partnership for its fifth year,” says Adrian Wootton, Chief Executive of Film London and the British Film Commission. “Over the past four years we have seen a great exchange of talent as well as increasing opportunities for co-production which have invigorated our cities."

"I very much believe in the creative partnership between France and UK," says Olivier-René Veillon, Executive Director of the Ile de France Film Commission. "Where better to focus that partnership than our two metropolises, with their vivid creative scene and their highly international and connected frames?"

City-to-City Exchange Trip

Taking place in November, the exchange  trip will involve high-end television drama producers from both regions for a trip to the opposite city, encouraging new European co-productions.

The trip will begin with senior producers from London arriving in Paris. They will be introduced to a broad spectrum of the city's television industry, including its production houses, studios, locations and the city's tax credit, as well as an opportunity to network with French professionals.

All selected producers – from both London and Paris – then travel to London taking advantage of a networking event on the Eurostar. Once in London they will see the city's vast array of production industries and talent, learn about the country's generous tax reliefs and participate in Content London, an international television conference and networking event in London for commission editors, producers, financiers and packagers.

Production Finance Market and ParisFX

As per previous years of the agreement, up to four French producers will attend the Film London Production Finance Market (PFM) taking place 15-16 October to pitch their projects to international film financiers. The PFM focuses on connecting international producers and financiers to encourage new film financing relationships, and is the only event of its kind in the UK.

Further, up to four British post production and SFX professionals from London will attend ParisFX 2015 in January, organised by the Ile De France Film Commission, to ensure there is a creative and talent exchange between the two post production industries.

More information on the Production Finance Market

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