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Film Hub London’s first cinema release launches to critical acclaim

Date posted: 28.05.2014

Seven Streets, Two Markets and A Wedding, the inaugural programme from Film Hub London's Made in London strand, opened theatrically on Friday with rapturous reviews.

Critical reaction to the curated programme of 10 short archive films has been overwhelmingly positive, with glowing four star reviews from major publications including The Financial Times, The Independent and The Sunday Times.

Find out more about Seven Streets

Critical acclaim

"A spectral and gorgeous collection of archive shorts from London's life story" writes Danny Leigh in the Financial Times. "There are private mementos and public information films covering a 50-year chunk of the middle of the last century...The saturated colours of 1960s Marylebone make the streets look like Instagram snaps. Bombsites could be the plots of contemporary developers. This is lovely, melancholy, dizzying." 

Geoffrey Macnab in the Independent also praised the release: "This compilation of archive films shot in London between 1930 and 1980, and put together through Film London's "Made in London" programme, is evocative and strangely moving...[the film] really does enable us to peer back into a lost world."

While Edward Porter wrote in the Sunday Times that, "this collection of footage capturing London life from the 1930s to the 1970s is a sure-fire diversion for anybody who's happy just gazing at the past."  

"There's footage of a pristine Hackney estate, the bricks still gleaming; another of majorettes in their uniforms at a carnival in 1979." Cath Clarke commented in Time Out, continuing "In places it gave me an eerie feeling of watching a forgotten memory or dream" 

Where can I see it?

There's still time to catch a screening at Hackney Picturehouse tomorrow, with more London screenings lined up at Riverside Studios on 7 July and JW3 on 8 June. More screenings will be confirmed in the coming weeks. See the full list of confirmed screenings

Are you an exhibitor looking to screen the film? Book it via the Independent Cinema Office

More about Made in London

One of Film Hub London's key initiatives, Made in London is a curated film programme celebrating London produced material, which is offered to Hub Members across the capital plus access to talent and people connected to the films.

The strand aims to increase access to cultural cinema across the city and interest audiences in their local history, the on-screen representation of their surroundings and how local filmmakers have been inspired to make films.

Following on from the inaugural archive programme, Made in London will continue to celebrate London's filmmaking talent by providing members with access to specially curated programmes over the next three years.

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