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Image of LSA Mapledene estate Hackney children

Did you grow up on Mapledene Estate in Hackney? Can you help us tell the story behind this film?

Date posted: 21.05.2014

We know nothing about who made this film, or why. We do know it was made on Mapledene Housing Estate around 1950 and that it offers a beautiful slice of post-war London living.

It's hitting cinema screens as part of Seven Streets, Two Markets and A Wedding, a feature length programme of films curated by London's Screen Archives — and we need you to help us find the story behind it.

Do you know any of these children? Were you one of them? Do you have memories of Mapledene Estate? Email us at | Tell us on Facebook | Tweet us

Want to see more? Head to a screening at Hackney Picturehouse 23-29 May

This film also features in 2011's Under the Cranes, a poetic journey through Hackney across the ages by Emma-Louise Williams, based on Michael Rosen’s play for voices, Hackney Streets. Find out more about Under the Cranes

About Seven Streets

Mapledene Estate is one of the 'Seven Streets' featured in the LSA collection, the first to be released as part of Film Hub London's Made in London programme. The collection is drawn from the over 70 film collections that make up the London's Screen Archives network, which collectively hold over 20,000 films.

Packed full of films largely unseen for generations and being presented theatrically for the first time, this programme of archive films of London life provides unique insight into the continuities and changes in the capital across the twentieth century. 

A short history of Mapledene Estate

Across just a few nights in 1940 a huge number of houses on Mapledene Road were destroyed. It was the height of the blitz and it wasn't to be the end of the bombing. The area was further devastated when Landsdowne drive took a direct hit.

The destruction created a housing crisis across in the area and alongside the pre-fabricated homes that sprung up around Hackney, the council decided to build a new estate.

Built by apprentices as part of the effort to equip young workers with much-needed skills to help re-build London, the Mapledene Estate rose from the rubble and opened to residents in 1950.

Find out more about the history of the Estate in a RIBA case study

This film is from around that time, and perfectly depicts the awe and wonder that this gleaming estate must have produced in a local community so used to rubble and destruction.

We want to hear your stories of the estate. Were you there then? Do you know someone who was? Do you live there now? 

Email us at | Tell us on Facebook | Tweet us

Want to see more? Head to a screening at Hackney Picturehouse 23-29 May

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