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Image of film still 24: Live Another Day

Wembley Stadium in 24: Live Another Day

Date posted: 01.07.2014

The entertainingly chaotic and frenetic antics of 24: Live Another Day continue to air on Sky, starring Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer.

He's still a fugitive, and this time he's bringing the action to London.

Making the most of the capital's range of locations, the pivotal eighth episode sees Bauer flying a helicopter over London, before setting down in Wembley Stadium – our location of the month, and site of one of the most dramatic events in the series thus far.

The Unseen Enemy

As the series begins, US President James Heller is in the capital to meet the British Prime Minister and negotiate an agreement for controversial use of military drones by the US. Bauer hears of an assassination plot and resurfaces. He is captured by the CIA and his services are employed in return for a full pardon.

Meanwhile 'international terrorist' Margot Al-Harazi (played by Game of Thrones' Michelle Fairley) is plotting to attack 10 UK targets with drones. As the bombing begins she convinces the president to sacrifice his life to prevent more death - and she chooses Wembley Stadium as the location for him to meet his end.

Desperate attempts by Bauer's sidekick Chloe O'Brien (Mary Lynn Rajskub) to hack in and intercept the drone set to kill President Heller are to no avail, and he comes to accept that Bauer is unable to save him. Or can he?

The Shoot

Not only visually and historically iconic, Wembley Stadium was chosen for this vital scene because of the heightened sense isolation it provides, as Heller stands alone in the vast space awaiting his fate.

"The shoot at Wembley went extremely well" said location manager Casper Mill,  praising Wembley Stadium and Tours Operations Manager Charlie McCracken's "patience and understanding" in the face of an evolving list of requirements.

Mill also puts the smooth-running of the night time shoot down to the stadium grounds and security team, saying that "All of their efforts enabled us to use a helicopter on site, and facilitate us with access to the pitch for some shots, which really made the shoot." 

President Heller at Wembley Stadium in episode 8 of 24: Live Another Day

"We were extremely pleased to host a night shoot of 24 at Wembley", says McCracken, who also praises Mill and his team: "Casper Mill...was totally professional in his approach, which made planning the filming a smooth process throughout. The production team carried out the shoot with minimum disruption to the stadium and we look forward to seeing the stadium featured in the finished episode"

Our locations team offered considerable support to the production and Mill highlighted that "the support from Film London during this whole process was also very much integral in this process, and appreciated."

Elsewhere in London...

From drones attempting to shoot down Bauer on the streets of London, to hacking into systems on the laptop down at the pub, 24: Live Another Day has provided many faces of the capital - showcasing the myriad ways in which the city can be used onscreen. Other locations used include

  • The Athenaeum
  • Connaught Estate (Woolwich)
  • RAF Northolt
  • Shepherd's Bush Market
  • Charing Cross tube and station
  • Middle Temple Hall
  • The Vaults
  • Borough Market
  • The Old Vinyl Factory

Wembley Stadium

The football stadium was opened in 2007. Designed by Foster + Partners, it has a retractable roof and the 133m high Wembley Arch, the longest single span roof structure in the world. The all-seater stadium has a capacity of 90,000. The large glass frontage of the stadium ensures that there is a very bright and airy feel on all levels on the north side.

Other facilities and internal features include:

  • Changing rooms
  • Tunnel
  • Stadium bowl/seating
  • Large concourses internal and external
  • Reception rooms and lounges
  • Grand restaurants and hospitality areas
  • Internal service road
  • Large scale escalators, stairwells and long corridors. 
  • Bars/counters
  • Kitchens including industrial kitchens

And much, much more...

A great double

Showcasing the versatility of this location, Wembley Stadium has doubled for:

  • Washington Dulles Airport (front of stadium main reception used in The Special Relationship)
  • Airport check-in (stadium concourse used in L'Oreal TV ad)
  • Hospital/Treatment Room
  • Morgue (the kitchens)
  • Casino / Nightclub (the Bobby Moore Club room)
  • Export Warehouse (underground car park)
  • Tunnel (underground car park)
  • Airports; Corporate Modern Offices; Cinema, Lecture Theatre (press room)

Other productions the location has featured in include: Fast & Furious 6; Sky HD Advert; The Special Relationship; Rock N Rolla and 28 Weeks Later.

To film at Wembley Stadium please contact:

Charlie McCracken
Tours Operations Manager
0844 980 8001 /

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