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One Direction new Midnight Memories video showcases the capital

Date posted: 05.02.2014

They're the biggest boy band in the world right now, so where better for One Direction to shoot their latest video than our fair city?

Shot at locations from Wimbledon Studios to Lambeth Bridge and passing some of London's most famous sites, the latest One Direction video doesn't just promote their new single - it shows how much the capital has to offer productions big and small.

One Direction in the studio

The video sees the boys deserting a boring party to go on a late night rampage through the streets of London. First stop? A kebab shop where they start their own party before stepping outside to charm the local pensioners.

Rebecca Williams from Wimbledon Studios explains how the production utilised the versatile locations available at the Studios which offers much more than sound stages: "they used the interior and exterior of our cafe and dressed it as a glamorous kebab shop. They also used the main part of the street when they were driving mobility scooters".

Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis hop onto mobility scooters and head out to the real streets of London giving us a nice view of Lambeth Bridge, before they hijack a police boat from the pier there and hop onto the River Thames.

And on the Thames

The speeding boat sails past some of the city's best sites: the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, St Pauls, the London Eye, and relative newcomer to the skyline - The Shard. Looming large is the beautiful sight of Tower Bridge.

The iconic Bridge attracts the famous five, too. In the video's grand finale, they climb up the spiral staircase and - in a seemingly impossible move - to the outside of the barricades, where they proceed to belt out the conclusion of their latest track into the night sky.

Do not try this at home

The One Direction boys balance on Tower Bridge for the grand finale of their Midnight Memories video

Mick Bagnall of the City Film Office told us that it was shot on the cold night of 21 December and that the band was actually carefully balanced on the bridge's maintenance gantry walkways.

While the Office often receives requests to use the walkways, they are rarely able to  give permission to film on the gantry.

The boys were carefully harnessed in and a huge amount of health and safety checks had to happen before the shot went ahead. This is a definite do not try this at home moment, no matter how nice the view.

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