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Fairfield Halls in Cuban Fury

Date posted: 01.02.2014

Starring Nick Frost and Rashida Jones, Cuban Fury tells the story of former salsa prodigy, Bruce Garrett (Frost). Now employed as an engineer, Bruce is apathetic, unkempt and overweight. When the arrival of attractive new boss Julia (Jones) disrupts his mundane existence, Bruce determines to get her attention - through the power of dance! Cue lots of flashbacks to his glory days of the 1980s, perfectly rendered with the help of Fairfield Halls.

Can Bruce's passion for salsa be re-ignited? Can he reclaim his days of past glory? There is only one way to find out as he takes to the 'floor...

Cuban Fury marks the feature film directorial debut of James Griffiths (Up All Night, Free Agents). Based on an original idea by Frost, it is produced by Big Talk Productions, the team behind the comedic Cornetto trilogy Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World's End.

Dancing on Location

Not only did Fairfield Halls provide the perfect location for the 1980s flashbacks but when Bruce's crush leads him to Salsa his way into the final of a dance competition, the main auditorium provided a perfect venue.

Location Manager Eugene Strange of Salt Films was pleased with the multiple uses offered by Fairfield Halls as a choice filming location. He says,

"Cuban Fury had flashback scenes that were set in the 1980's. We needed both interior and exterior locations that would be able to tell this story and a key location was a Dance Competition Finale venue that Fairfield Halls was perfect for."

Strange explained that the modernist facade was a clear indication of the period, and it was used to full effect when filming an arrival scene. Interior areas where filming took place included:

  • Corridors
  • Backstage areas
  • Main auditorium

Transforming the scene

The Concert Hall at Fairfield Halls, a key location in Cuban Fury

To create a convincingly retro look, the production team needed to paint the corridors and dressing rooms at Fairfield Halls a suitably '80s colour, helping them to perfect the look of the era. This proved to be quite an undertaking and Strange was appreciative of the support from the venue, saying that the Fairfield Halls team were "extremely helpful throughout the process". Indeed, the location welcomed the transformation, with Ninon Jerome, Head of Artistic Planning at Fairfield Halls saying:

"We were happy for the team to do this and they were extremely considerate and painted everything back in the original colour". Adding that they "were glad to work with such a thoughtful and professional team."

About Fairfield Halls

Built in the 1960s as an entertainment complex, Fairfield Halls has played host to a number of high profile music events and has a vast array of potential filming space. These include:

  • The Concert Hall  (renowned acoustics, 2,000 seating capacity and cinema availability)
  • Ashcroft Theatre (proscenium arch and 800 seating capacity)
  • Arnhem Gallery (400 m2 flat floor)
  • Sun lounge
  • Variety of multi-purpose rooms, for dining, conference space, meeting room
  • Restaurants & bars
  • Extensive front of house/backstage facilities
  • Other interior space include a large staircase, wood panelled rooms and industrial kitchen

Feature films that have utilised the diverse spaces on location at Fairfield Halls include Made in Dagenham and The Da Vinci Code.

For filming at Fairfield Halls, please contact:

Ele Evans
T: 020 8603 3961

Cuban Fury is released by Studio Canal nationwide on 14 February.

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