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Microschool International in Georgia

Date posted: 25.09.2013

Film London, with support of the British Council, travelled to Batumi in Georgia to deliver a pilot Microschool International. Following a call for applications in April 2013, Film London selected five Georgian film-making teams, in various stages of production, and offered them a comprehensive guide to the international market.

Microschool International is based on Film London's highly successful Microschool training which supports the acclaimed Microwave feature film fund. As guests of the Batumi International Arthouse Film Festival, in partnership with Georgia National Film Center, Film London delivered an innovative three day workshop, with sessions covering such topics as the film value chain, script development, festivals and markets, and new models of distribution.

Other sessions focused on one to one project work with the film-making teams, delivered by leading industry mentors. Mentors were Film London Creative Producer Mia Bays, writers Paul Fraser (Somerstown) and Jay Basu (Fast Girls), producer Olivier Kaempfer (Microwave's Borrowed Time) and Mike Kelly (Finance and Business Producer, Microwave). Film London's Head of Talent Development and Production, Deborah Sathe, also added her expertise as a Story Developer.

Sathe commented "Georgia is an exceptionally exciting country and has a wealth of stories to offer an international audience, the mentors were extremely impressed with the stories that their film-makers were telling, and significant partnerships beyond the timeframe of the school have been formed." Sathe concluded that "all our funders were extremely delighted with the results of the training, and we hope this will be beginning of a long term programme that can be rolled out to other territories."

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