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Image of Rush 2013 Ron Howard

Crystal Palace Park in Rush

Date posted: 01.09.2013

Bringing to life the golden age of Formula 1 glamour, the latest from director Ron Howard (Frost/Nixon, A Beautiful Mind) Rush is based on the true story between English playboy James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and his brilliant Austrian opponent Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl). Their distinct and different personal styles both on and off the track culminates in the race to become world champion. Both drivers are willing to risk whatever it takes with no margin for error in their drive for success.

Almost exclusively shot in the UK, with significant filming the capital, the production team selected Crystal Palace Park as an ideal location. This was partly due to the fact project research unearthed that it once housed a major motor racing circuit in the 70s which was actually used by James Hunt. "It was a wonderful opportunity to reinstate elements of it and our proposals were met with great enthusiasm from the Park Management and local authorities," says Location Manager Jonah Coombes.

Andrew Pavord, of FilmFixer says "the Park no longer has a race track, but a bit of art department magic made the location work." Retaining authenticity and recreating the period and atmosphere was integral, which the production team managed effectively, working closely with the location.

Set up to make filming easier in the borough, the recently formed Bromley Film Office successfully helped coordinate and plan the shoot with FilmFixer Ltd., along with Film London assisting in the brokering process.

The production also encouraged set visits from the community. Accompanied visits were arranged for four local schools as and the friends of Crystal Palace Park. Pavord praises the visits, finding that they were, "a great success, allowing local people to watch a big period feature film being made in their park".

Having a high-profile feature and a world famous director shoot at the location has also encouraged more filming at the Park, with several commercials and promos utilising the large and diverse location..

Crystal Palace Park includes areas of woodland, including a nature trail and the Green Chain Walk. The grounds also contain the foundations of the burnt-down Victorian Crystal Palace, a BBC transmitting aerial, a city farm, large sports centre, Victorian-era subway station with intricate brickwork  and a very large hard standing area, sufficient for the largest film units.

Films that have shot within Crystal Palace Park include The Italian Job and Our Mother's House as well as various music promos and commercials.

To film at Crystal Palace Park please call Bromley Film Office on 0207 407 1566.

Distributed by Studio Canal, Rush is released on Friday 13 September. 

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