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Film London reveals additional 1.25 million sq ft of alternative stage space at Content London

20th Century Fox’s 24 is one of many high-end television productions drawn to London and the UK by new tax reliefs, making use of the non-traditional stage space on offer. The show’s producer joined Film London for a panel discussion at Content London exploring the benefits of the tax reliefs on television and animation production in the UK.
Date posted: 27.11.2013

European cinema experts descend upon Athens

Film London travelled to Athens 21-24 November with hundreds of cinema industry members to attend the 18th Europa Cinemas Network Conference, representing London’s mini-network of The Lexi, Shortwave and Riverside Studios.
Date posted: 27.11.2013

Diversify: Responding to worrying trends in the film and TV industries

Film London supported last week’s Diversify, a one-day symposium exploring the lack of representation for minority groups in the UK’s film and television industries.
Date posted: 20.11.2013

50 Years of Doctor Who

The iconic British television show celebrates half a century on air with two special anniversary episodes that shot widely across London: An Adventure in Space and Time to be broadcast on 21 November and The Day of the Doctor on 23 November.
Date posted: 20.11.2013

Film London brings its micro-budget film-making training to Stockholm

Following successful international ventures to Croatia and Georgia, the Film London production team headed to Sweden last week with its successful Microwave training scheme Microschool.
Date posted: 20.11.2013

Euroscreen 2013: Building screen tourism

Every year, tourists flock to film locations across Europe. At the EuroScreen conference last week, representatives from the region’s film and tourism industries met to explore how they can work together to maximise the economic and creative potential of this screen tourism.
Date posted: 13.11.2013

The Counsellor

Renowned film-maker Ridley Scott teams up with Pulitzer Prize winning author Cormac McCarthy with the new witty and dark humour thriller The Counsellor. Set on the US/Mexico border, it was shot on location across London.
Date posted: 08.11.2013

John Smith wins the 2013 Film London Jarman Award

At a lively ceremony in London’s Whitechapel Gallery, artist John Smith has been announced the winner of the 2013 Film London Jarman Award.
Date posted: 06.11.2013

London in Abu Dhabi

Film London and British Film Commission CEO Adrian Wootton attended the 2013 Abu Dhabi Film Festival, participating in an all-star jury for Best Narrative Feature, led by Jacki Weaver, and sharing best practise from the UK’s success in attracting film business.
Date posted: 06.11.2013

Day of the Dead takes Shoreditch by storm

This weekend Londoners in search of a thrill headed to Rich Mix for the Day of the Dead weekender — two days of screenings, face painting and performance. The first London event organised as part of BFI Film Audience Network, it is a taste of things to come from Film Hub London, led by Film London.
Date posted: 04.11.2013

Film Hub London Advisory Panel announced

Representatives from across London’s exhibition sector have joined the Advisory Panel of Film Hub London, led by Film London. Offering a broad range of experience, they will use their diverse expertise to guide Film Hub London activities and ensure a thriving exhibition sector.
Date posted: 04.11.2013

Image of Rebecca Hall and Eric Bana star in Closed Circuit

Middle Temple in Closed Circuit

Our location of the month is Middle Temple, featured in Closed Circuit. Starring Rebecca Hall and Eric Bana, John Crowley’s thriller is the latest in a long line of films to benefit from the dramatic interior of Middle Temple, an Elizabethan Inn of Court nestled by the banks of the Thames.
Date posted: 01.11.2013

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