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Euroscreen 2013: Building screen tourism

Date posted: 13.11.2013

Every year, tourists flock to film locations across Europe. They join Bridget Jones bus tours in London, descend en masse to Wallander's home town in Sweden, and flock to the Chapel from the Da Vinci Code. In doing so, they build on the already significant economic benefit of a thriving film industry.    

Last week, representatives from Europe's film and tourism industries met in Malaga for the EuroScreen mid-term conference to explore how they can work together to maximise the economic and creative potential of screen tourism.

Chaired by Adrian Wootton, CEO of Film London and British Film Commission, delegates at the one-day event were given highlights from the latest EuroScreen report, shared successful case studies and explored best practice.

  • Adrian Wootton led a discussion on the contribution of screen tourism to local development as well as one exploring its key factors
  • Sandie Daw, CEO of Visit Britain, presented a case study on James Bond and Great Britain
  • The Heads of Cine Tirol Film Commission in Austria and Andalucía Film Commission in Spain explored Bollywood in Europe

Read the full programme

EuroScreen Baseline Report

A three-year project, EuroScreen aims to exploit the screen sector as a proven catalyst for tourism development through the alignment of policies between the screen and tourism industries.

At of the conference, the project issued a mid-term report detailing its research into existing screen tourism practices, and suggesting ways for the industries to work together in future. It outlines:

  • The economic argument
    The report found evidence of economic benefit provided by tourism as a result of visits to a destination seen on screen, but notes that this is often long-term as screen products have an ongoing effect on the image of the destination making it a more attractive destination.
  • The importance of management
    Encouraging strong strategic partnerships between tourism and film production companies or film commissions, the report advocates a policy-led approach to film tourism that feeds in at the point of film production.
  • The success of Destination Marketing
    The report outlines successful destination marketing projects, such as New Zealand's use of Lord of the Rings to build awareness of the country as a visitor destination, and shows the potential of using screen products to promote destinations.
  • The draw for screen tourists
    Although reasons differ depending on the type of visitor (day-tripper or holiday-maker), the report found that the landscape and scenery within a screen product is one of the key factors for generating interest in visiting its location.
  • The importance of awareness-raising
    While the report found that many products for tourists are developed by official bodies, it suggests that there is considerable potential in private business involvement and advocates for the engagement of local businesses.

Read the Baseline report online

About EuroScreen

Co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and made possible by the INTERREG IVC programme, EuroScreen is a project specifically designed to capitalise on the major economic and cultural opportunities presented through screen tourism.

By establishing clear links between the two industries, EuroScreen aims to increase screen and tourism small and medium enterprises' understanding of the benefits of working together, thus encouraging cross sector collaboration.

The EuroScreen partnership consists of nine organisations across eight different EU regions, including regional development agencies, film commissions and a higher education institution:

  • Film London (UK), Lead Partner
  • Apulia Film Commission (Italy)
  • Bucharest Ilfov Regional Development Agency (Romania)
  • Fondazzjoni Temi Zammit (Malta)
  • Lund University, Department of Service Management (Sweden)
  • Maribor Development Agency (Slovenia)
  • Promalaga (Spain)
  • Rzeszow Regional Development Agency (Poland)
  • Ystad Municipality (Sweden)

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