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50 Years of Doctor Who

Date posted: 20.11.2013

You don't need to be a Time Lord to switch decades with Doctor Who - earth-dwelling humanoids can travel through time without the aid of a time-travelling phone booth TARDIS by revisiting 50 years of the series.

The longest-running and most successful sci-fi show in history, BBC's Doctor Who follows an extraterrestrial Time Lord known as The Doctor with an unreliable time machine in the shape of a telephone booth and assistance from a series of close humanoid companions. As the Doctor has the ability to regenerate his body when near death, he has been played by a series of notable British actors including Christopher Ecclestone, Tom Baker and David Tennant.

Doctor Who celebrates half a century on air, 11 Doctors and countless evil Daleks with two special anniversary episodes: An Adventure in Space and Time to be broadcast on 21 November and The Day of the Doctor on 23 November.

An Adventure in Space and Time and The Day of the Doctor

Chronicling the history of the Doctor from its inception in the early 1960s, An Adventure in Space and Time brings to life the show's incredible achievements over the past half century.

In The Day of the Doctor, the current Doctor (Matt Smith) unites with the previous Doctor (David Tennant). Their companions played by Jenna Coleman and Billie Piper, respectively, also join them on the scene. With cameos from John Hurt, Jemma Redgrave and Joanna Page, it's a star studded celebration of the character that has offered audiences five decades of entertainment.

The Doctor Is In (London)

In An Adventure in Space and Time, audiences will recognise many of London's iconic locations.

In an exciting turn, Daleks invaded Westminster Bridge! Doctor Who writer Mark Gatiss reported on the shoot, which took place first thing on a Sunday morning.

Day of the Doctor also shot in various iconic locations across London.

The historic Tower of London was used for the programme, much to the delight of the cast.  

The programme also held an ambitious shoot in Trafalgar Square.

"They used the biggest crane I think they had ever brought to Trafalgar Square," said Smith. "I really had to persuade them to let me go up, but I had the most wonderful view of London. It was raining and really windy, but I loved it and would do it again. It was one of the rare brilliant opportunities that you only get with Who."

Smith and Coleman were swung side to side while hanging onto the TARDIS and later lowered into Trafalgar Square. Coleman confessed, "I am quite scared of rollercoasters, but when you've got a camera pointing at you and loads of crew then you kind of just tend to be really brave. That's one of the thrills of the show."

An Adventure in Space and Time airs 21 November and The Day of the Doctor airs 23 November.

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