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Capture: Know Your Audience

Date posted: 29.01.2013

15 London-based exhibitors have the opportunity to deepen understanding of their audiences with the new research and analysis project "Capture: Know Your Audience", funded by Film London through National Lottery Funding on behalf of the BFI and delivered by The Audience Agency. Applications close 8 February.

Film London has allocated £13,000 of the Cultural Cinema Lottery Funding 2012/13 Contingency budget towards Capture. The programme will be delivered by The Audience Agency, an independent agency supporting the cultural sector to understand and grow their audiences, and aims to help exhibitors across London understand their audiences and the benefits of audience analysis.

Through standardised audience surveys, face-to-face research and audience benchmark reports that serve to easily compare audiences between different exhibitors, Capture will provide robust and credible audience information to participating exhibitors.

Exhibitors benefit from this research in many ways, receiving: an understanding of how their audiences compare to other exhibitors; a clear picture of who is engaging with their organisation and why; an understanding of who they are not reaching and; an understanding of how London cinema audiences compare to other cultural attendees at festivals, galleries and performing arts venues.

Capture is open to all exhibitors across Greater London. It is free to take part, but the exhibitors will need to be committed to using audience information to support the development of their organisation. They also need to have enough screening activity and reasonable audience numbers to make it worthwhile and to have a member of staff who can commit time to steer the programme.

For more information and to apply, please visit the Capture page here. Applications close 8 February.

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