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Canary Wharf in All Things to All Men

Date posted: 01.04.2013

The directorial debut from the producer George Isaac (Kidulthood, Adulthood), is crime thriller, All Things to All Men. In a deadly game of cat-and-mouse, professional thief Riley (Toby Stephens) is hired to pull off the ultimate heist. Riley finds himself caught in the midst of maverick cop Parker (Rufus Sewell) and crime lord Corso (Gabriel Byrne). With Parker determined to bring down Corso, the sting goes wrong and the stakes getting ever higher. All Things to All Men brings fast-paced action to the capital,  with a number of action-packed scenes highlighting the glitz and glamour of the iconic Canary Wharf.

Filming in the Canary Wharf Estate brought a level of slick modernity to the film's action sequences. Location Manager Richard George says, "for sequences involving a high speed car chase through London at night, Canary Wharf offered a sleek, modern vision of London".

The demands of the shoot required the production to be based at nearby Wood Wharf. Thanks to thorough planning, the timing coincided with having control of large areas of Canada Square. "As our techs assembled at the pre-arranged rigging area in Cabot Square, we checked in with the head of Security for a briefing," explains George. "Canada Square was desolate. Perfect."

Potential pedestrian access points were made secure whilst networks of private roads were locked off. George also recognised other advantages. In addition to having the level of road control needed, the production had the "added bonus of its own security force". Once everything was in place, the precision drivers took control of the chase: "surrounded by glittering sky-scrapers in the dead of night, is a great place to do it."

Hamish McDougall from Canary Wharf Group praised the team in the way the shoot was handled. "A lot of thought and communication is required in order to operate safely and minimise disruption, and Richard George and crew were able to do that very well," said McDougall. "The All Things to All Men production team very much impressed us with their ability to manage a complex film set in Canary Wharf."

Canary Wharf is the 97-acre estate. Filming is permitted in all public areas externally and in the retail malls. Canary Wharf consists of parks, squares, gardens, riverside promenades and, of course, the backdrop of the iconic towers. Immediately east of Canary Wharf stands Wood Wharf, a 20-acre largely empty site, which sits beside the water and has impressive views back towards the main buildings.

All location fees paid for filming on the Canary Wharf Estate are donated by Canary Wharf Group to charity. Half of these go to the Canary Wharf Film Fund, which encourages young people in the East End to take up and excel at film-making and media.

Other recent films using Canary Wharf and/or Wood Wharf include Welcome to the Punch, Skyfall and The Counsellor.

For more information about filming at Canary Wharf, please visit the following link in the first instance

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