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Image of The Woman in Black starring Daniel Radcliffe

Princelet Street in The Woman in Black

Date posted: 01.02.2012

Following the Harry Potter franchise Daniel Radcliffe's next major role is starring in the gothic horror, The Woman in Black. Shot exclusively in the UK, the production also spent some time in the capital, including shooting on Princelet Street in East London for key scenes.

From a script written by Jane Goldman, who most recently co-scripted X-Men: First Class and Kick-Ass, Radcliffe plays a young lawyer called Arthur Kipps who is mourning the death of his wife. The film sees Kipps travelling to a remote village to discover a vengeful ghost of a scorned woman who is terrorising the locals.

The 1982 source novel has been previously adapted into a successful stage production, but its story of dark secrets and mysterious horror is perfectly suited for the big screen.

The production needed to find a location which reflected period London and found the East London street when exploring a potential location for interiors.

Location Manager Chris Moore explains that Princelet Street was discovered "after going to the area to view the interior of a house, the director and designer loved the street so much they decided to set a scene there".

The production approached the Tower Hamlets Film Office to assist with filming. The Film Office, in liaison with the local residents, allowed the production to make minor alterations to their homes creating the perfect setting for the film.

Moore recalls that "filming on Princelet Street was a great pleasure" and thanks to the support of the Film Office and the local residents, the production was able to "complete filming early".

Dominic Reeve-Tucker from the Film Office explains that the street is "part of a conservation area with special architectural and historic qualities" which means it provided the perfect period visuals required for the film, with very limited dressing.

The houses along Princelet Street, which are part of many London walking trails, were built in the 18th century for the Huguenot silk merchants and master weavers. By the mid 19th century they had become common lodging houses, offering dire living conditions to the poverty-stricken and partly criminal populace.

Now a regenerated East London prime location, Princelet Street has managed to keep many of its original architectural features intact including the brickwork, sash windows and wooden shutters.

Princelet Street has been used in many film and television productions including Bleak House, Ruby in the Smoke, Great Expectations and Oliver Twist.

The Woman in Black
releases in cinemas across the UK on Friday 10th February.

For filming enquiries for contact the Film Office: / 020 8980 8771/8773.

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