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Regent's Place in 360

Date posted: 01.08.2012

360, the latest film from the Oscar®-nominated Brazilian director Fernando Meirelles (City of God), is a story with interwoven tales. Amongst its stellar cast are Anthony Hopkins (Silence of the Lambs), Jude Law (Sherlock Holmes), and Rachel Weisz, who reunited with Meirelles following her Oscar-winning performance in The Constant Gardener.

The story is draws from worldwide events including the international banking crisis, the rise of the Arab spring and Euro-zone instability. The plot revolves around a simple decision made by one man - to remain faithful to his wife - which starts a series of events which ripple round the globe with dramatic consequences, eventually returning 360 to the place of the initial decision.

To reflect this in the story, numerous worldwide locations are used. Starting in Vienna, the film weaves through Paris, Bratislava, Rio, Denver, Phoenix and of course London.

Locations in the capital included The Boundary Hotel, Sands End Community Centre, Hamersmith & Fulham Mortuary and a school in Batteresea. Meirelles said of his time in the UK capital, "London has amazing locations as everybody knows, but the reason I like to shoot there is really because you can't get better crew anywhere else."

London also doubled very convincingly for Berlin when the schedule did not allow for the production to capture key scenes in Germany.

Regent's Place proved to be the perfect double and location manager, Jonah Coombes said "unless you know the specific area, you'd certainly think you were in the heart of Berlin."

The scene called for a piazza square with a cafe and outdoor public spaces, where a German taxi could pull up and whisk the characters away to the airport. With its European sensibilities, the space at Regent's Place was perfect. Coombes also praised the Estate Management team for the smooth running of the shoot, as they "were very proactive in offering solutions for the controls and clearances that the production needed."

Purchased and developed in the 1980's, Regent's Place is a privately owned estate that houses residential, commercial & retail units. Over 9,000 people work across 7 buildings and enjoy the open space on offer. This vibrant business environment hosts a number of different pieces of artwork as well as a fountain & large plaza space.

For filming enquires contact Amy Martin, Estate & Customer Service Coordinator, on / 07912 042 751 / 020 7380 6063.

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