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Battersea Park Millennium Arena in Foot Locker advert

Date posted: 01.10.2011

Foot Locker, the global sportswear and footwear retailer, shot their new television advertisement at London's Battersea Park Millennium Arena.

Known for their cheeky, provocative and sneaker-worshipping styled campaigns, the latest installment from Foot Locker features a recreation of the classic fantasy sequence featuring Mena Suvari on a bed of rose petals in the Oscar®-winning film American Beauty.

The ad was produced by creative agency U-DOX International who recruited Location Manager James Khoury, to find a "smart looking locker room with some character".

Director Sam Worthington had very specific idea for the look of the location and the production also needed somewhere which would be able to accommodate filming during the day. With such a tight brief Khoury enlisted the help of Film London to assist him in researching the city's many gyms and sports centres.

Millennium Arena fitted the brief and was secured as the key location for the advert. As it was situated in Battersea Park, the production sourced their other required locations - a launderette and a residential house - in the local area for the two-day shoot.

As well as filming in the Arena's changing rooms, the production also used the exterior of the building utilising an area with an overhanging roof as a studio space. In addition, by using a high balcony, the production achieved the essential over head shot without the use of a camera crane and successfully recreated the iconic American Beauty scene with a model surrounded by hundreds of pairs of trainers rather than rose petals.

According to Khoury, the Millennium Arena proved to be a perfect location. The production shot on a Friday, the gym's quietest day, to ensure there was least amount of disruption to both patrons and the production team. Khoury recalls it was a "great setting in the heart of Battersea Park, great staff, great location. Shooting there was a pleasure". Millennium Arena Manager, Gary Rendell, was equally satisfied, saying that "the shoot was good fun and the crew worked well around a very busy facility".

The sports and fitness centre at Battersea Park was re-launched as the Millennium Arena in June 2000, replacing the old pavilion with a new two-story building. The facilities now include 19 floodlit tennis courts, two multi-purpose all weather playing surfaces, athletes changing facilities, a fitness centre with cardiovascular and resistance machinery, an aerobics studio and a sauna.

The Millennium Arena also has an eight-lane running track with views of the Battersea Power Station, an iconic London landmark with its towering chimney's overlooking the concourse. The original running track was built in the 1920s.

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