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Boxing Clever - Mum & Dad Release

Date posted: 22.12.2008

Mum & Dad, the first project produced through Film London Microwave, the micro-budget feature film-making scheme, is set for a unique multi-platform release this Christmas. The film’s distributor, Revolver Entertainment, will be testing a groundbreaking release strategy, which has proved to be somewhat controversial. Mum & Dad will be the first film in the UK to be released simultaneously in selected cinemas, on DVD (retail and rental), Pay-Per-View (PPV) [Sky Box Office, Film Flex] and Video-On-Demand (VOD), on 26 December.

This will be the first time this release strategy has been seen in the UK and next year a similar strategy is planned for Mum & Dad in the US – cunningly hinged around Mother’s Day. The transatlantic premiere will be in Park City, as part of the Slamdance Film Festival.

Revolver Entertainment‘s Managing Director, Justin Marciano, explains that: “Being the first UK distributor to release Day and Date across all platforms enables us to be the market leader in offering consumers the ultimate choice to watch the film in the way they choose, whether this is at home, or on the big screen - or both.”

Mike Hewitt, Home Entertainment Marketing Manager at Revolver, adds: “By offering Mum & Dad a theatrical release, we are catering for the film fans who wish to see more of this product in the theatrical arena. Another strong reason for the multi-platform release is to try and help combat film piracy…Of course, we do not expect to see this strategy rolled out over higher-budget films, but for a small, UK independent film, we believe it gives the film a much wider recognition, which in turn can only help the British film industry.”

Mum & Dad, an intense horror set around London’s Heathrow airport, is the directorial debut of Steven Sheil. Featuring a talented cast, including Shane Meadows regular Perry Benson, the story is focused around a murderous and perverse family who live in a house at the end of the runway - right under the roar of the flight path. They live off the contents of supposedly ‘lost’ luggage, but the family business turns out to be much more sinister.

It is not the typical film you’d expect to find on this season’s schedules, but that’s exactly what makes it stand apart. Mike Hewitt continues: “With the majority of film releases over the festive season being of light, or family oriented fare, we are releasing Mum & Dad on Boxing Day to cater for the horror / genre fans who are often overlooked at this time of year.”

Lisa Trnovski, producer of Mum & Dad, comments: "We are very keen to see how the general public responds to the film. We've played at a few festivals and always had a great response. From mainstream festivals like Edinburgh to genre specific affairs like FrightFest - where the film was put to the test by 600 horror fans on the big screen at Odeon Leicester Square. That was nerve wracking - but they loved it! Hopefully other genre fans will too and will show their support on Boxing Day."

With the availability of special Mum & Dad Christmas cards and wrapping paper, as well as the impending release, you can treat yourself to a frightfully good Christmas!

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