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Image of Abbey Mills

Abbey Mills Pumping Station in Demons

Date posted: 01.12.2008

This Victorian sewage pumping plant in Stratford - disguised under Moorish Towers and a Slavic dome has been a host to numerous productions in its recent history - the latest project being the forthcoming TV series Demons.

Philip Glenister returns to ITV in this British six-part supernatural television drama series produced by Shine Productions: a contemporary spin on the legacy of Bram Stoker's Dracula set above and beneath the streets of modern-day London.

Producer Julian Murphy explains what attracted him and fellow producer Johnny Capps to the supernatural genre: 'It's simple; the script and storytelling process allow us to use our imaginations in ways that simply aren't acceptable in your average cop show. And then there's the challenge of realising that vision. It's much more exciting when you don't know how to bring something to the screen!

'Perhaps the most important inspiration was London itself and, more importantly, the secret world that lies beneath those very clean and modern streets.'

Mackenzie Crook plays the 'half-life's' very own Teddy boy, Gladiolus Thrip, a type 12 entity, one of the most dangerous in the underworld. A vampire with a cockney twang and a colourful vocabulary, Thrip is undoubtedly the brains of the outfit.

Joel Holmes, location manager, explains about filming at Abbey Mills: 'It provided the ideal location for Thrip's lair. It's heavily distressed state meant that the art department had very little to do to create the right atmosphere. From the outset, the director was very excited by the location - we had trouble stopping him from getting carried away photographing every industrial detail of the building!

'In terms of the logistics of filming here - we were very grateful for the coordination offered by Emma Plimmer in what is essentially a working utilities site.'

Abbey Mills has previously been used for Matthew Vaughn's Stardust, Batman Begins and Thunderbirds, as well as the forthcoming feature, Franklyn.

For more details regarding filming at Abbey Mills please contact Emma Plimmer at Locality on 020 7812 9144 / NB. For operational reasons this location will be temporarily unavailable until late February 2009.

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