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More London in Run, Fat Boy, Run

Date posted: 01.09.2007

More London takes centre-stage as the starting-line for a marathon in comedy Run, Fat Boy, Run, directed by David Schwimmer. The entire film was shot throughout London with almost 50 locations including East London's Columbia Road and Spitalfields Market.

The film follows the story of Dennis (Simon Pegg) and his attempts to win back his ex-fiancee. Five years ago Dennis was at the altar, about to marry Libby (Thandie Newton), his pregnant fiancée but got cold feet and ran for the hills, leaving her jilted and him working as a security guard with no prospects.

When he finds out Libby's decided to marry high-flying-go-getting-nauseatingly-over-achieving city broker Whit (Hank Azaria), Dennis realises it's now or never. Despite never having completed anything in his life, Dennis will endure sweat and tears and complete 26-miles of a grueling marathon in order to prove to Libby he is a changed man.

The marathon is the climax of the film and the sequence at More London covers the start of the race. Dennis arrives at the starting area - there are hundreds of competitors, all looking fitter than him. He bumps into Whit and they exchange words. The race begins and they sprint off, too cross with each other to take it slow and steady.

The area of More London in and around the Scoop and along Queen's Walk up to HMS Belfast needed to be turned into a realistic looking assembly area and starting line for a large marathon. The dressing took place the day before filming, to ensure safe work practice and to guarantee there was time to make it look perfect.

The first day of filming involved the scenes with the two lead characters Dennis and Whit. The second day consisted of two wide shots showing the hundreds of competitors; however, over 500 extras were involved - to create a huge crowd.

Location manager Ben Greenacre, said: 'The shoot took a lot of careful planning but on the day everything came together really well. Nette from More London was fantastic and really made it her mission to make sure things went smoothly'.

Run, Fat Boy, Run is released nationwide on 7 September.

To film at More London please contact Nette Williams-Halkett on

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